Stones Extended

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds new variants of the existing minecraft stone types, while also adding new ones.
This mod adds smooth, brick, small brick and cobble variants of andesite, diorite, and granite, while also adding the new stone variants: limestone, slate, and gabbro.
Each new block also has wall, slab and stair variants.

This mod doesnt really add much, and is mostly designed for builders. All items are obtainable in survival.

Important: This was made in a snapshot version of MCreator. Also the cobble texture for andesite, diorite and granite are altered versions of early versions of 1.14's textures made by Mojang. The red and regular sandstone cobble texture is the same texture as what is used for the bottom of the sandstones. I do not claim to have made these textures.

If you like this mod feel free to check out my other mods on either MCreator or Curseforge

Modification files

The limestone is a little yellow for my taste but you build and textures are very nifty :)

lol cool Cobbleandesite and Cobblegranite and Cobblediorite and Cobblesandstone and Cobbleredsandstone and cobbleasphalt xDDD