extinct mobs

Published by jus hoek on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 16:08
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this mod adds a lot of stuff here are a few examples 

dimonite (new OP gem)

a gun

netherrack tools

forged diamond sword

3 new dimensions

a ton of new ‘’extinct mobs’’

titans (bosses)

new blocks 


a fossil analyser

and a lot more

also you will have to wait a little with the fossil analyser block it takes a while to finish analysing the fossil even tho to you nothing is happaning

Modification files

The models right now are a bit strange, but the idea of taking fossils and bringing them to life is cool, but the bad thing is that i cant know if that is what the annalyser does because It doesnt appear in the description or in the trailer.

Add that information and improve the description. The rest, keep doing like that! Nice mod!

the analyser is used by using redstone as fuel and a fossil then just wait the models eeh this was not a huge project they arent supose to look great. also bringing back fossils wasnt the origenal idea of this mod you where supose to be able to time travel to the 3 realms to find them there but the anceint overworld didint work properly so i had to add that using wither figures you can still travel to the ancent nether and end the main ''stroyline'' goal is deafiting god

Very nice mod but I think some of the textures could be improved a lot