✨Crystal Universe:The Golden Era✨

Published by tetch_wolf on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 02:27
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Welcome to a new era!
Crystal Universe: The Golden Era has just been released!
Come see all the new things




Corrupted Gems:


Crystal Gems and Katarine Von White:


Fusions (Crystal gems only):


 What will be the next crystal universe update?
It is with great pleasure that we announce that ... after days of voting ... the next update of the crystal universe will be.....






Texture packs
Items in 16x16 pixels

Texture pack made by: Sam-Musical



Modpack policy

We allow the use of our mod in any modpack as long as credit is given




-new blocks and items have been added


a new biome, gem battlefield!

they say that a war happened here, and that there is a lost temple with an obelisk inside, can you find it?


new structures added


can be found on beaches, contains a corrupted gem trapped

strawberry field temple

can be found in the gem battlefield , contains a corrupted albite inside


the possibility of injecting any essence!

each essence has its own gems


diamonds essences

you can heal cracked and corrupted gems by diving with the gem in your main hand


Crystal API


We are launched the crystal api! this means that it will now be possible to create addons, soon we will launch a tutorial



Special thanks


I have to thank many people, people who made the creation of this mod real

if i could say all the wonderful things about these people, i would spend hours writing, but, here's a short list:

-Tia Ametista


-Sam Musical






check your trello here


Modification files
Crystal Universe The Golden Era update.jar - Crystal Universe: The Golden EraUploaded on: 01/17/2021 - 21:55   File size: 18.15 MB

Looks nice, I like your models/textures, despite the fact that I usually don't like anything above 20 pixels x 20 pixels ;)

Can you pls improve the Stevonie texture & model? It doesn't do the rest of the mod justice plus it's not accurate to the series/movie