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The Battleaxes mod is a small mod that adds a new awesome weapon to the game: of course, Battleaxes! They do 11-14 (wooden-diamond) damage.

This mod may be great for PVP servers/worlds (but make sure the enemy/s is/are wearing armour), exploring and bosses!

Download and enjoy! ;)

Project members
Texture designer
Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Battleaxes v1.0.2 for 1.15.2.jar - v1.0.2 (Latest version)31.42 KB

Planned features include more battleaxes and 1.16 support!


  • Lowered attack speed for all battleaxes
  • Lowered attack damage by 1 for all battleaxes


  • Battleaxes now have handle parts coloured the colour of their material instead of all of them using wood colour


  • Added Wooden Battleaxe
  • Added Stone Battleaxe
  • Added Iron Battleaxe
  • Added Golden Battleaxe
  • Added Diamond Battleaxe

well this isn't quite needed since in 1.9+ a wooden axe does 7 damage and all other axes do 9 except the netherite axe which does 10 damage

Do you guys think I should add a disadvantage to the battleaxes because they do so much damage? like less attack speed?