Simple Think's

Published by zaDR0tic on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 16:00
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this (mod) add my some think's and i want do more!

in that moment (mod) not a global but i want do this (mod) a global, very... global....

you have think's for mod? send it in comment's! and possibly i add you think in this mod!! :)

ok.. ok... i need stop for this word's.....


I hope you like it

Modification files
Simple_thinks_new_dinsmention.jar - new mini global update!895.32 KB

v 1.1

3 new block's!

new item's!

new structure's!

and new mob(ghost)!

v 1.2

new block's and ore's!

new item's!

fix some bag's!

new spike's texture'[s!


(end update)

new block's and ore!

new sword's!

1.Burning Iron Sword, Burnind Diamond sword, Burning Steel Sword! - do flame effect on mob's for 15 second's!

2.decapitation sword! - drop skull's from mob's!

new mob's!

1.End Guard

2.End Kid


(mini global update)

more new's block's!!!

3 new mob's!

new dinsmention!