Mo' Swords Mod [For Minecraft Java]

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 - Disclaimer: This is only the first version of the mod, so if you find bugs or glitches or uncompleted behavior that's why.

 - This mod adds in cool swords with their own feature and techniques, Craft more tools with the ores that you find underground and make large statues or even full beacons out of them, You have any way to use them.

If you have any reports about glitches or bugs or uncompleted items, Msg me on my Twitter, discord or Gmail here: 



Discord: HaZe#6821

 Have a nice day and enjoy the mod. :)

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moswords1-0-0.jar - V. 1.0.0 [For Minecraft 1.14.4]Uploaded on: 11/06/2020 - 21:55   File size: 453.67 KB

- New swords that are better and cooler looking than before.

- New ores.

- New blocks.

- A new special item with its own powers and stones.

Hello guys, If you find any bugs or glitches or uncompleted things please report it to me and I will gladly fix it, But make sure that I'm not always online so I probably won't see your comment very often. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.