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This mod add useful things (like Day/Night Changer) to Minecraft. Please be patient with bugs and content.

(Sorry for errors in the text but i'm from Mexico).





I recommend using "NotEnoughItems" to see the craftings

NotEnoughItems Link



RELEASE 1.0 (1.0.160514)

+Added Mini-TNT and Solar TNT

*Solar TNT can rarely (25%) spawn lava

+Added achievements "Don't grief" and "You're crazy dude"

+Added Uranium Ore, Uranium Stone, Melted Uranium, Cell and Uranium Cell

+Added Atomic TNT

*Fixed bug where Meteorite appears with Cotton Blocks instead of Solar/Lunar Ore

*There will be no more Spanish translation


RELEASE 1.1 (1.1.160714) (Current Version)

+Added Uranium Powder, Ingot, Block and Tools except Hoe

(The tools are better than diamond, but last less)

+Added Uranium Block

+Added "Faster than Diamond" achievement

*Now Day/Night Changer creates it with Clock

+Added the Ancient Lamp with custom model



*Now all textures are 64x px

*Updated version to 1.7.10




Please comment what you want for future versions.



1. Download Forge

2. Download the Mod

3. Install Forge and start Minecraft, then close

4. Put the JAR in the mods folder

5. Play!


My Twitter: @SosinRayo1117

Modification files
Useful Things 1.1.jar - Useful Things Release 1.1 [1.7.2]Uploaded on: 09/17/2016 - 16:18   File size: 339.13 KB
Useful Things 1.0.jar - Useful Things Release 1.0 [1.7.2]Uploaded on: 09/17/2016 - 16:18   File size: 284.36 KB
Useful Things Alpha 1.5.jar - Useful Things Alpha 1.5 [1.7.2]Uploaded on: 09/17/2016 - 16:18   File size: 250.23 KB
Useful Things Alpha 1.4.jar - Useful Things Alpha 1.4 [1.7.2]Uploaded on: 09/17/2016 - 16:18   File size: 236.96 KB

ONE OF THE BEST MCREATOR MODS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! But seriously, it looks like you put some real time and effort into this. WELL DONE!

Thanks everyone! But for now nobody says me what want in future versions, xD

If someone wants to make a video of the mod I can put in the page

Is there ever a mod on here that isn't in Alpha because they plan it to be a drawn-out mod adding alternate dimensions and otherworldly 5-eyed aliens that shoot nuclear spit at you and live in nests in trees made out of cobblestone, but simply end up adding 500 different types of ore and making items that function similarly to some command block commands?

@#7 I do not plan to add many ores or objects, objects do work as commands, but these are commands you can do in survival "Legal" without using commands. I do not plan adding 10 biomes or dimensions, in fact I did not add armor of "Sun" for that, I think there are already many armor. As can be greetings from Mexico :), and sorry for my bad english.