Published by avila27 on Sun, 01/17/2021 - 22:42
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About the Mod

Forge 1.16.5

This mod its about using art as a weapon! Craft yours instruments, scores and speakers! use them to fight your way to the ender dragon. This mod is made to fit with the vanilla play style! I highly recommend using JEI (Just enough Items) mod with this mod, since it will help you with the recipes in the mod.


This Mod Adds

- Instruments to every tier

- Scores to spicy up your ranged instruments

- Speakers to boost you while using melee instruments

- Inpiration System

- Dried Bamboo and Dried Bamboo block

- Sweet sounds!


How to use the Speakers and Scores?

Its simple, to use the Scores you need to hold it on your off-hand while shooting with your instruments, same with the Speakers, but  they are used with melee intruments,


Future of the mod

- I still want to add many instruments, scores and speakers

- I want to add forge tags so other developers can add instruments to their mods

- I wanna add a tier above diamond


Modification files


-Updated to 1.16.5

-Added Netherite upgrades for all the obsidian/diamond instruments

-Added Piglin loving for the gold instruments



-Added dried bamboo slabs, stairs, fence, fence gate, door, trapdoor

-Added Drums (beacon-like block)

-Added Melodies, used on the drum to give different effects

-Added Leather block

-Added Sance Floor Block