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Bread... just plain BREAD. Nothing but BREAD. Well, that has been changed!

Bananarang's Bread Bundle adds lots of new bread products (and appliances and stuff).

List of Foods:

Note: Foods highlighted in bold are upcoming.

  • Sliced Bread - Just sliced bread?
  • Bread Rolls - Yummy Bread Rolls...
  • Rye Bread - Bread made out of rye, it gives more hunger points than normal Bread.
  • Bagels - Kinda like a bread donut...
  • Pretzels - Shapes made of bread.
  • Burgers - Yummy sandwiches with 2 buns and stuff inside
  • Pizza - A round circle with sauce and delicious toppings.
  • Scones
  • Sandwiches - 2 slices of bread put together to make a Sandwich
  • Subs - Basically Sandwiches, but it's 2 Bread textures.
  • Toast - Toasted Bread (slices).

List of Utensils/Appliances:

Note: Utensils and appliances highlighted in bold are upcoming.

  • Cutting Board - Used to cut things; Place the Cutting Board down then get a Knife and Right Click to cut stuff.
  • Knife - Used to cut things on the Cutting Board.
  • Butter Knife - Butters bread.
  • Toaster - Toasts bread (slices).

List of Ingredients/Spreads:

Note: Spreads and ingredients highlighted in bold are upcoming.

  • Butter - Yellow stuff used in cooking and on bread and toast.
  • Peanut Butter - Orange butter made of Peanuts. I love this IRL.
  • Vegemite - Black spread used in sandwiches and on toast.
  • Jam - A spread made of (Sweet) Berries.


  • 4 Bread in a square makes a Bread Roll.
  • 1 Coal and 2 Iron Ingots (in a sword shape) makes a Knife.
  • 3 Rye Grains in a horizontal line makes Rye Bread.
  • 9 (of any) Wooden Planks in a square makes a Cutting Board.
  • 2 Milk Buckets in a horizontal line makes Butter.
  • Crafting Sliced Bread (or Sliced Rye Bread) and Butter makes Buttered Bread.

Download the mod and enjoy! :)

Modification files
Bread Bundle v1.1.0 for 1.16.4.jar - Latest versionUploaded on: 01/23/2021 - 01:17   File size: 92.18 KB


  • Added Rye Bread
  • Added Rye
  • Added recipes
  • Added Cutting Board
  • Improved Knife texture
  • Added Butter
  • Added Buttered Bread

  • New mod
  • Added Sliced Bread
  • Added Bread Roll
  • Added Knife

a good food mod to add whit other food mod to make a detailed sandich... its cool, but please, PLEASE, add ham.
i love ham.

I have shortened the title to simply Bread Bundle because Bananarang's Bread Bundle is too long...

OK, I am now working on 1.2.0. Any suggestions? Here's what I'm planning to add: