Action Figures!

Published by Arcturus on Sat, 03/06/2021 - 04:03
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Sorry for my bad English. I am from Russia. PLS CORRECT ME, IF YOU CAN:(

This simple mod adding in the game 20 action figures!

If you want to add your favorite character in the mod, please write in comments.

In the future, i will add My little pony, pokemon and digimon figures!

At this time, this figures avaible only in creative mode, but in the next update, v.1.0.1 (next week), i will add a trader.

Also I planning add posters, and one secret cool thing)))

So, ty for downloading my mod. Bye)

Modification files

06.03.21 v.1.0.1 Add mod in game

nice, what about "famous" mcreator people in mod? like, for example RaolTheBest action figure