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[ Recycling : This is a migration from 1.12.2 to 1.16.5. There may be a change in some things ]

To begin with, we need to make the record books. She makes from a book with a feather and 5 levels and a magnifying glass click. Awesome now you can do research, they are saved in the achievement tree. How to examine writing in a book with a magnifying glass.

After doing some research, you have created exp metal. It is needed for some inventions, and new enchantments are only applied to tools made from this material from a good connection with enchantments.

After a long game, you are probably already tired of accumulating experience in the usual way, so the optimization time

  1. Experience Crusher - Gains experience from mobs by taking their lives
  2. Natural Furnace - Experience is taken from plants by burning them
  3. Department - Getting with the help of the brain and the book of experience

Next, the most important thing is to do enchantments, you can do them on the research table. Writing an enchantment requires paper and feather and ink. After that, you need to choose the runes that will characterize the enchantment. And then put it into the pot with experience and that's it

But so far only one enchantment : 

  1. Auto-Melting (Pickaxe)
  2. Digging Area (Pickaxe)
  3. Filter (Pickaxe)
  4. Vampirism (Sword)
  5. Attack Area (Sword)
  6. Lightning Summoner (Sword)
  7. Head Chopper (Axe)
  8. Tree Capitator (Axe)
  9. Berserk (Axe)
  10. Accelerating Paths (Shovel)
  11. Water Boost (Shovel)
  12. Magnetism (Shovel)
  13. Solar Fertilizer (Hoe)
  14. Soil Transformer (Hoe)
  15. Mult-Hoe (Hoe)
  16. Sniper Accuracy (Bow)
  17. Teleporting Arrow (Bow)
  18. Flying Flashlight (Bow)
  19. Sticky Head (Helmet)
  20. Experience Eater (Chestplate)
  21. Snow Climber (Leggings)
  22. Travel Magic (Boots)

Here is all the enchanting mod.

Further after enchanting tools, you will enchant yourself, but you need a lot of experience, so you need to store it somewhere, so we will make a bag. But if you are afraid of losing the bag, then you can make a chest. And you can also turn experience into a storage cube in regular chests. After that, we make an altar from a rune stone and then draw the runes with magical chalk and can be done by putting plaster into the cauldron.

You can also upgrade the bag to infinite volume. To do this, you need to make a base and an altar with runes for insight and, most importantly, 100 levels

This is the player's enchant list :

  1. Enlightenment - 100 levels - Essential for learning mod
  2. Salvation from the Void - over 15 levels
  3. Night vision - over 35 levels
  4. Ghost pickaxe - over 45 levels
  5. Eating grass - over 35 levels
  6. Runic shield - over 50 levels      

Now is the time for inventions :

  1. Glove of Skills - From the beginning, you will make a glove of experience that will invite you to take experience without touching the mobs. Then you will further improve the skills in the gauntlet and will be able to pick up the abilities of mobs and use for yourself
  2. Over-Enchanter - For powerful enchantments, an unusual experience is needed, and anti-experience can be made at the manufacturer holding a stable 30-80%. Now we are making an improved enchanting table, you can enchant 5 times, but the level of each will be 10. The main thing is that you can enchant any item except for experienced items
  3. Staff of Emotion - From the beginning, you need to translate emotions into an object. To do this, you need to make a reader and a helmet readout. Now you need to accumulate emotions in the helmet without removing the helmet (Just doing your business). Next, you need to put gunpowder in the reader and stand on it and hold down the shift. Gunpowder turns into dust of emotions. There are five of them: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger. You can use it for yourself or make staffs to shoot them at creatures. But you can use only one emotion or there will be a headache
Modification files
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Experienced-Enchantment 1.2 - Basics and first enchantment

Experienced-Enchantment 1.4 - All enchantment

Experienced-Enchantment 1.5 - Bug fixes

Experienced-Enchantment 1.6 - Altar and player enchantment

Experienced-Enchantment 1.7 - Adding automation for gaining experience and 2 player enchantment

Experienced-Enchantment 1.7.5 - Bug fixes and start of a new branch of the mod

Experienced-Enchantment 1.7.8 - Graphical update

Experienced-Enchantment 1.8.2 - Mini-invention

Experienced-Enchantment 1.8.3 - Added a glove of skills and experience

Experienced-Enchantment 1.8.4 - Added a over-enchanter

Experienced-Enchantment 1.8.5 - Added staffs of emotions

Experienced-Enchantment 1.9 - Added all gloves and achievement. [ The Final ]