Flying castles

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This mod will add flying castles that are randomly generated for size, types of structures and loot so that every time it feels different. The big stone castles even have 2 hidden diamond blocks.

In the creative infentory you can also find blocks for the generation for the flying castles.

example structure
One example of the structure.

This mod has different files for different versions of this mod(The different versions don't work together) :

knight,villager,empty: This version can have empty castles or filled with knights or filled with villagers. You can get the different spawn options using the gamerule flyingcastlestype, where 1=knights 2=villagers and 3=empty castles.


Empty: This version has the structures but the structures don't have any mobs walking through the structure.


Village: This version has the structures with villagers and iron golems walking through the structure.


Pillager spawners: This version has the structures with pillager spawners throughout the structure.


Knight: This version ads the structures with modded knights walking through the structure.



Will attack you and are armed with mostly iron armor and an iron sword.


Will back from you and shoot arrows ad you.

Heavy knights:

Will attack you and are armed with gold armor and an iron sword.

When they get hurt they can get a boost to fight you.


Will run away for you and drop some decent items on death including the blaze rod or nobles amulet in their hands.

When you're holding a nobles amulet you can trade with them.


Will run away for you and drop some iron nuggets on death.

When you're holding a nobles amulet you can trade with them.

The knights
The knights.


Nobles amulet :

This amulet will make none of the knights afraid or hostile against you and allow for trading with peasants and nobles if you're holding it.

This amulet will also make the knights from my other mod neutral but doesn't allow trading with the nobles and peasants from that mod.

     Trade :

Nobles trade :

Nobles will mostly trade rare times with you for 1 emerald block. (see image)

The nobles trade GUI

Peasants trade :

Peasants will mostly trade villager workbenches for 1 iron ingot. (see image)

The peasants trade GUI


If you like the knights you can let them spawn all through your world with my other mod


This mod has been made with mcreator.

I have a discord server where you can ask questions, talk or put bug reports if you want to do it there

If there are questions or other things you can put them on my curseforge page there you can also find other versions of this mod. And more images.

Modification files
flying_castles_1.19.2_knight,village,empty_7.1.jar - Small 1.19.2 update gives ability to use knight, villager and empty castles.Uploaded on: 03/15/2023 - 11:53   File size: 897.27 KB
flying_castles_1.18.2_knight_7.0.jar - The mod is now in version 1.18.2Uploaded on: 03/22/2022 - 17:30   File size: 837.62 KB
flying_castles_1.17.1_knight_7.0.jar - Big update of the generationUploaded on: 02/10/2022 - 13:12   File size: 839.27 KB
flying_castles_1.16.5_pillagerspawner_1.jar - Version with illager spawners troughout the structure.Uploaded on: 07/23/2021 - 12:48   File size: 309.74 KB


If the files are not on this mcreator site you can find them on the curseforge site 


  • flying_castles_1.19.2_knight_7.1.jar


-gamerule to change what mobs spawn in the castle (1: knights, 2: villagers, 3: no mobs (empty)) 



- fixed that some starting crossings had some sides not generating


and some other minor changes.

  • flying_castles_1.19.2_knight_7.0.jar

The mod is now in 1.19.2

  • flying_castles_1.18.2_knight_7.0.jar

The mod is now in 1.18.2

  • flying_castles_1.17.1_knight_7.0.jar

The flying castle roads now have new types:

There are now roads with crops, a gate, and wooden and stone walls.

There is now a longer end plate that had structures on it


There are now new structures capable of spawning on the flying castle roads:

There are now small 2 domes, well, fountain, 2 shrines, windmill, smiths, sheep den, pig den, knight house and wooden and stone watchtowers.
Also, a duelling track and a tavern and there is now a wooden big castle.


The structure generation has also chaced with the update.


  • flying_castles_1.17.1_knights_6.0.jar :

knights version in 1.17.1

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_knights_6.0.jar :

New :

-The big castles now look different.

-The castles will now spawn less frequently.

-The castles now have fewer entities spawning in the structure.

-The knight summon blocks will now only activate if you're close enough to make performance better.

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_knights_5.1.jar :

The nobles and peasants trade GUI has been improved.

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_knights_5.jar :

new :

-the nobles amulet: which can be used to make all the knights not attack you or walk away from you

-trading with peasants and nobles when you hold the nobles amulet

-the archer arrows now don't have particals

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_knight_4.jar :

-altered generation of the entire structure.

-decreased the structure generates chance.
-fewer knigths generate in the structure.
-al knights now attack back if attacked.
-more/better loot chest in the big castle.
-2 hidden diamond blocks in the big castle.
-added creative tab with the generation blocks.
-added creative block to generate the entire structure.
-changed modid ,modnamespace ,mod description and author name of mod.
-fixed bug with heavy knight regeneration.

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_pillagerspawner_1.jar :

The first version with pillager spawners throughout the structure

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_village_2.jar :

-altered generation
-decreased the structure generate chances.
-altered villagers spawn in the structure
-more/better loot chest in the big castle
-2 hidden diamond blocks in the big castle
-the big castles now have more villager workstations
-added creative tab with the generation blocks
-added creative block to generate the entire structure
-changed modid ,modnamespace ,mod description and author name of mod


  • flying_castles_1.16.5_empty_2.jar :

-altered generation.

-decreased the structure generate chance.
-more/better loot chest in the big castle.
-2 hidden diamond blocks in the big castle.
-added creative tab with the generation blocks.
-added creative block to generate the entire structure.
-changed modid ,modnamespace and author name of the mod.

  • flying_castles_1.16.5_knight_3.jar :

fixed bug:

the updating sand didn't have gravity which meant generation didn't work properly which is now fixed.


  • flying_castles_knight_1.16.5_knight_2.jar :

bug fixes:

heavy knights attack the player now and don't attack archers.

heavy knight regen is now way less to stop invincibility.

a big castle had updating sand generate in the castle that isn't there anymore.


  • flying_castles_1.16.5_knight_1.jar :

has the structures with modded knights in it 


  • flying_castles_1.16.4_knight_1.jar :

has the structures with modded knights in it 


  • flying_castles_1.15.2_knight_1.jar :  

has the structures with modded knights in it 


  • flying_castles_1.14.4_knight_1.jar :

has the structures with modded knights in it 


  • flying_castles_1.16.5_village_1.jar :

has the structures with villagers in it


  • flying_castles_1.16.4_village_1.jar :

has the structures with villagers in it


  • flying_castles_1.15.2_village_1.jar :

has the structures with villagers in it


  • flying_castles_1.14.4_village_1.jar :

has the structures with villagers in it


  • flying_castles_1.16.5_empty_1.jar :

has just the structures


  • flying_castles_1.16.4_empty_1.jar :

has just the structures


  • flying_castles_1.15.2_empty_1.jar :

has just the structures


  • flying_castles_1.14.4_empty_1.jar :

has just the structures


Since I really like the idea of this mod and you seem to accept tips really well, I have a few suggestions you might want to consider. The mod is quite resource intensive, so first I'd suggest you reduce the number of flying castles that spawn, and and spawn a few less entities (right now loaded entity numbers can easily go well over 400 when in bigger castles with many other around which makes the world lag). The other thing you may consider improving is the big castle structures. While they do look cool from two sides, the other two are mostly just stone brick walls which can make them look bland. Perhaps add some decoration to them or maybe make them more symmetric?

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

First of all, it's a bit rude to say that, but sure, it's your opinion. While this mod doesn't have shiny graphics (which is nice to have, but not a necessity to win MOTW) or many new items/blocks that would add more tools/equipment, it's unique and well thought out, works well, and is very much playable in survival. I also believe it adds enough for it to be MOTW worthy. The author also responded to criticism very well and uniquely implemented those suggestions. I think it's safe to assume this shows that the author cares about their mod and will work on it more in the future. The author also submitted it for a few months now (every other week or so), so they moved up my "MOTW-worthy" list accordingly (this doesn't work like "begging", but if your mod is good and there was a more suitable mod one week, you'll have priority the next time I choose MOTW).

Part 1/3

I believe I talked enough about why this mod is good enough to win MOTW, so I think it's fair to touch the subject of why your mod(s) didn't win yet. While your mods are well-made, they are "one-trick ponies" (except for the "Sheesher" mod). They add a nice feature, but I can't think of many new features that one could add to a hammer mod or a mod that adds a new way to craft slimeballs (there's nothing wrong with those mods - in fact, I think they are great, but I don't think they are "MOTW material").
Now to touch the Sheesher mod. I can tell you that your mod was my second choice every week you submitted it. Compared to some other mods, it's a newer mod, and more importantly, it's a bit controversial. There are many young kids on this website, and some could find it disturbing.

Part 2/3

Also, since you mentioned the art style, I think some textures in the mod could also be improved (especially the part where item textures have different resolutions, are off centre and aren't shaded equally). That doesn't mean you'll never win (at all!) but are factors I consider when evaluating mods.

I'm sorry for this essay, but I often get asked "why this mod won when mine was clearly better", but there's a lot to consider when choosing a MOTW to please a broad audience, and most importantly - I'm still a human and make mistakes (I don't believe this one was one of them though). I hope this puts you at ease and doesn't demotivate you - some people submit for months before I pick them for MOTWs, and most importantly, 2022 still has a lot of weeks ;)

Best regards,

Part 3/3

I didn't mean to put that mod in a bad light (pardon me if I did tho). Tbh, I didn't want to share an opinion about it at all, despite it seems like I did. Thanks for explaining everything thoroughly though. It got me sort of calmed down.

No. I never said being controversial makes you unable to win, it just makes it harder. That mod was also submitted a lot of times at that point and was a clear winner that week in regards of quality. Remember you have 1 submission per week and that's the only one I check out (else I'd have to check 100+ mods every week which is just not okay).