twisto heroes

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I hoped you enjoy my superhero mod because I spent more than a month make the mod with my team named team twisto I hope you will enjoy I and I wish that I could the mod better and I will be because I'm planning to add updates to the mod soon well that what I'm hoping


the latest version is 2.7



also here is the link to the discord for the mod:


what does the mod add? its add suit and items for the suits the suit and it add more ores with the items for the ores it also adds another item to help you with crafting I'm not saying how many as it can change in the future but just put armour and play it's that simple


also here is link to my video review

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In development
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twisto heroes (release 2.7).jar - twisto heroes release 2.7 remember to have forge and I hope you enjoy it 744.17 KB
twisto heroes (release 2.8).jar - twisto heroes release 2.8 remember to have forge and I hope you enjoy it 768.73 KB

Could you please add more in the description about what the mod is about, and what it adds to the game?

Nice mod, but please can you explain the features in more detail in the description?

Nice, but you should try improving the textures of the items.

Submitted by linus12508 on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 23:31

Can you specify what suits are in the mod on the description, please?