Mystical Plants

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Minecraft Forge mod
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  • Many New Magical Plants
  • Many New Items
  • New Unique Swords
  • New Magical Foods
  • Has 6 Unique Custom Music Discs that made by myself
  • All Magical Plants Has 3D Modeled
  • 185+ Elements!
  • 23 Advancements!
  • And More!

Mystical Plants:


Mini Exp Mushrooms

This mushrooms has 12% to get Exp Essences by right click it. Also, This mushrooms always Gives you 1 XP Orb per Plants.

Spawn: Dark Forest, Mushroom Field Shore, Mushroom Fields


Normal Exp Mushrooms

This mushrooms will gives you 2 Exp Orbs by right click it

Spawn: Dark Forest, Mushroom Field Shore, Mushroom Fields


Big Exp Mushrooms

This mushrooms is way bigger than 2 exp mushrooms. This mushroom will gives you 3 XP orbs by right click it

Spawn: Dark Forest, Mushroom Field Shore, Mushroom Fields


Exp Flowers

This flowers just gives you 1 Exp like Mini mushrooms but It doesn't have Exp Essences.

Spawn: Mushroom Fields, Mushroom Field Shore


Ice Mushrooms

When you try or accidentally stepped on this Mushroom, You will getting frozen like SLOWNESS. But if you want to avoid getting frozen, Then right click the Ice Mushrooms so that plants wont disturbing you again

Spawn: Snowy Tundra


Ice Flowers

This Flower will gives you 12% chance to get Ice Essences by right click it

Spawn: Snowy Tundra


Sky Flowers

This flowers has 50% chance to get sky essences by right click it because its so hard to getting up for going to this structure clouds. And be careful, It has 12% chance to get levitaion effects, and sometimes the timer levitation effects got stuck because of bug so, if you got that bug, then rejoin your world.

Sky Flower Berry

You see that Flower has blue fruits, That's will gives you 2 Air Foods by right click it. But the Air Food is so USELESS, This food it's just fills your stomach with AIR

Spawn: Clouds (Structure and Everywhere at sky)


Soul Flowers

This flowers has Soul Essence but it has 12% chance to get it, And when you failed to get it, The Soul Flowers will cracked.

Spawn: Soul Sand Valley (Nether)


Soul Bomb

This plant sounds like metal and not like plants, But no this is plants because they made by souls. This plant is really dangerous when you try or accidental stepped on this plant will blow up but the bomb will not destroyed the blocks. So be careful in the nether. Also you can get the Soul Bomb by right click it.

Spawn: Soul Sand Valley (Nether)


Wild Souls

This Plant will gives you 2 Soul Berry per plants. Soul Berry is kinda useful because every time you eat Soul Berrys you will get speed effects.

Spawn: Soul Sand Valley (Nether)


Wither Flowers

This flowers has 12% chance to get Wither Essences by right click it

Spawn: Soul Sand Valley (Nether)


Wither Mushrooms

If you saw this mushrooms, Be careful, Don't try to step on this mushrooms or else you will get wither effects. And if you want to avoid the wither effects, Just right click it but be careful with your health because every you right click this mushroom you will getting damaged.

Spawn: Soul Sand Valley (Nether)


Wither Venus Plant

Did you know the Venus FlyTrap Plants in real life? If yes, This plants just like Venus FlyTrap but they not eating Fly Or Bugs, But they eating HUMAN. So if you step on this Wither Venus Plant, Your leg will getting bite by this plant, You can't moving until effect slowness is gone, And you will get Wither & Nausea.

Spawn: Soul Sand Valley (Nether)


Neon Flowers

When you try step on this flower, You will getting slowness that effects you can't moving until the slowness is gone And you will getting damaged. But this flowers has 12% chance to get Neon Essences by right click it.

Spawn: The End


Neon Bush

When you right click this plant, You will get 2 Neon Berries And Getting Damaged by this plants. When you step on this plant, You will get blindness. Also you can Bone meal this Bush to get more Neon Berries! Anyway, Every you eat the Neon Berries you will get Night Vision.

Spawn: The End


Wild Neons

This Plants will gives you 2 Neon Berry by right click it

Spawn: The End

Mystical Music Discs:

All Unique Music Discs from Mystical Plants mod is really hard to craft it from survival.

Here's the OST:

Unique Music Discs Lists:


Exp Music Disc

Name Music: The Experiences

Made By: AlvisCools500 


Ice Music Disc

Name Music: Icy Colds

Made By: AlvisCools500


Sky Music Disc

Name Music: Sky Of Clouds

Made By: AlvisCools500


Souls Music Disc

Name Music: Souls

Made By: AlvisCools500


Wither Music Disc

Name Music: Wither

Made By: AlvisCools500


Neon Music Disc

Name Music: The Voids

Made By: AlvisCools500

Mystical Tools And Weapons:


All Mystical Swords is harder to get it than Netherite Ingots so that's why its only 6 Unique Swords.

Experiences Swords

You see that yellow sword left corner, Every you hit any mobs will spawn 1 XP Orbs.

Neon Swords

You see that purple sword at second sword from left corner, Every you hit any mobs, The mobs will can't move until slowness effect is gone

Soul Swords

Every you hit any mobs, The mobs will getting attacked by souls with Weakness And Poison Effects

Ice Swords

Every you hit any mobs, The Mobs will getting frozen.

Sky Swords

Every you hit any mobs, The Mobs will getting FLYING by levitation Effects

Wither Swords

Every you hit any mobs, The mobs will get Wither Effects


Essence Detectors

This Tool is really useful to find Essence Ores for Unique Swords And Unique Music Discs. This tool has 7x7 range to find Essences Ores but when the Essence Detectors Says "Essences Found!" That mean go digging until 24y and then place any blocks to marking for middle detected by your Essence Detector and then start find by 7x7 area until you found essences ores. Here's how Essences Detectors works [ Click me! ]

Mystical Recipes


How do i get Broken Music Discs?

If you have Cat, 13, And 11 Music discs, just right click at block. Here's how works [ CLICK ME! ]


How do i get Essences?

This essences from Essence Ore Block that is really harder to find than Diamond so, I recommend you use Essences Detector to find it.


Thank you so much for reading my mod page and sorry if there's mistake english because I'm not good at english.

Enjoy the mod!

Mod By AlvisCools500

By the way, This mod also on curse forge too!:

Sorry, The mod version was wrong so, I changed it.

Modification files
Mystical Plants 1.1.0-1.16.5 (UNZIP ME) - New Plants And Added some missing things511 bytes

Version 1.0:

  • Added 17 Plants
  • Added 6 Magical Types Plants
  • Added 6 Music Disc
  • Added 6 Sword
  • Added 23 Items
  • Added 23 Advancements

Version 1.1:

  • Added 4 Plants
  • Added 2 Magical Types Plants
  • Added 1 Swords
  • Added 3 Music Discs (1 is unused)
  • Added 5 Items
  • Added 5 Advancements
  • Added 1 Block
  • Fixed Unique Sword Spawn Structure that won't flying anymore
  • Added Ice Sword Spawn Structure that from previous versions is unobtainable
  • Creative Tab now it looks pretty neat
  • Added 1 Structures (Desert Sword Spawn)


Version 1.0.0 (Release):

  • Fixed Crystal Hanging Plant that when place on cave still floating
  • Mystical Plants Tabs now only 1 and all items,blocks,plants, and foods are in the 1 Mystical Plants Tabs
  • Fixed Exp Soup that when eaten the bowl will getting eaten too but now the bowl will be returned
  • Fixed Crystal Hanging Plant Drops
  • Released Version