Various World

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Various World - Minecraft mod that adds more interesting content to vanilla overworld


Short about mod:

Various World - mod that adds few bosses, atmosphere biomes, aggressive mobs and mobs that can be your companions, new ores, decoration blocks and more something content



Sculk Valley - new biome in valley-forest type

Peaceful Wasteland - biome like savanna with peaceful spirits

Peaceful Wasteland

Caverns Of Magma Growth - hot underground biome with a lots  veins of magma


 Another biomes you will see in game


Bosses & Mobs:

Many information about bosses and mobs you can find on wiki:

Crystal Warrior Spirit of the Dark and Sculk Necromancer Skeleton(Lord fury you see in Minecraft)



Various World adds new weapons crafted from new materials and also weapons that you can only buy all pick up from bosses like swords, staffs, bow and crossbow


In Finally:

Various World - mod that adds more something without more similar things, you will found new structures, biomes, dungeons and more

If you need help write me in discord: SashaKYotoz#8808

Or join in discord server:

Modification files
Various_World_13.jar - Various World 2.0Uploaded on: 07/13/2022 - 11:07   File size: 11.57 MB
Various_World_16.jar - Various World 2.1Uploaded on: 12/01/2022 - 16:25   File size: 11.79 MB
Various_World_18.jar - Various World 2.2Uploaded on: 01/11/2023 - 16:02   File size: 11.73 MB


Various World 2.1 is came out:

  • Added support of 1.19.2 version
  • Redrawn a lots of mod's textures
  • Remodeled some mod's mobs, armors

Various World 2.2 is came out:

  • Added Kunzite Geode in caves under Crystalic Forest
  • Redrawn a lots of mod's textures
  • Optimized  code
  • Magic Vine grows like vanilla Vine