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Various World - Minecraft mod that adds more interesting content to vanilla overworld


Short about mod:

Various World - mod that adds new bosses, atmosphere biomes, aggressive mobs and mobs that can be your companions, new ores, decoration blocks, new dungeons to Minecraft vanilla Overworld



Various World adds six unique biomes to Overworld, hot biomes such as Shiny Valley and Crystalic Forest, biome that protects itself Sculk Valley, Peaceful Wasteland - biome, where Allay spawns and two underground biomes



Bosses & Mobs:

Many information about bosses and mobs you can find on wiki:

Crystal Warrior Spirit of the Dark and Sculk Necromancer Skeleton (Lord fury you can see in Minecraft)



Various World adds new weapons crafted from new materials and also weapons that you can only buy or pick up from bosses like swords, staffs, bows and crossbows


In Finally:

Various World - mod that adds many unique things, you will found new structures, biomes, dungeons and more

If you need help write me in discord: SashaKYotoz#8808/sashakyotoz

Modification files
Various_World_13.jar - Various World 2.0 (1.18.2)Uploaded on: 07/13/2022 - 11:07   File size: 11.57 MB
Various_World_2.5.1.jar - Various World 2.5.1(1.19.2)Uploaded on: 04/21/2023 - 15:52   File size: 11.64 MB
Various World 3.0_0.jar - Various World 3.0(1.19.4)Uploaded on: 07/30/2023 - 11:17   File size: 9.14 MB
various_world-3.0.3.jar - Various World 3.0.3(1.20.1)Uploaded on: 09/19/2023 - 12:34   File size: 7.19 MB


Various World 2.5.1(1.19.2) is came out:

  • Underground biomes won't be spawned above surface
  • Fixed height of Sculk Dungeons spawn
  • Added full Belarusian localization
  • Fixed bugs with Chained effect
  • Added 60% of Ukrainian localization

Various World 3.0.3 is came out:

  • Added full Japanese  localization by SAGA(saga5678)  
  • Fixed "pig bug" 
  • Added new subtitles when player hears sounds of Various World sounds 
  • Fixed behavior of Wandering Spirit summoned by Sculks 
  • Added useage for Spirit of Peaceful Wasteland and of Deep Caverns 
  • Fixed overbuffed chance of spawning Crystalic Strength in Zombie of Various Biomes hand 
  • Added new generation of trees in Crystalic Forest

Hey! Looks like a great mod! But just killing me of curiosity- How did you get all of your textures to use as a base (for example: The villagers)?

Hallelujah, after 1.5 of year of mod's developing, it became MOTW, hooray 🥳!!!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

I love this mod, but one or two textures are really weirdly upscaled and appear blurry in the UI (same goes for your other mod). I suggest you remake the texture so that it looks more polished :)