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Whats in the mod?

The HallowCraft mod brings alot of different new mobs and custom models, it also brings abunch of new custom structures to explore and find in the new biome the Haunted Forest! the mod also brings new achivements you can unlock while exploring and crafting.


Candy Corn - https://imgur.com/a/T0sDrU1

Jelly Bean - https://imgur.com/a/jPIW33a

Butter Scotch - https://imgur.com/a/ioZaUW6

Carmel Apple - https://imgur.com/a/8D3XXMp

Pepper Mint https://imgur.com/a/U8ISuHX

Creeper Pumpkin and Creep o'Lantern - https://imgur.com/a/qk5R9LB

Extra Screenshots

Haunted House - https://imgur.com/a/VHQgjqk (Theres 3 versions)

Trick Or Treat House - https://imgur.com/a/zj6J2O7

Social Medias

Twitter - https://twitter.com/HallowCraftMod

Personal Twitter - https://twitter.com/SkappyYT

Planet Minecraft - https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/hallowcraft-4428585

Curse Forge - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/hallowcraft

If The Mod instrest you at all, please consider giving it a Upvote so more people can find it aswell!

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In development
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Wait, is that the DOOT SKELETON??????
(if really, great mod ;) )

Wait, is that the DOOT SKELETON??????
(if really, great mod ;) )