Bountiful Adventures

Published by mcsquaggle on Sun, 12/05/2021 - 16:53
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Minecraft Forge mod
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If you want more biomes and a challenge, Then this is the mod for you!!

22 new overworld biomes!

3 new mobs!!

more blocks & items!!

  1. Cube
  2. Tardis (for some reason)
  3. Mangrove wood
  4. Rainbow block!

And more!



im going to add stuff to the description. like images and such but i cant.

also some of the stuff is unobtainable cuz i havent worked on them.

Credit to dapizzab0i71 for mangrove and rune textures.




Still WIP



Modification files
Bountiful_adventures_Dev v1.2.jar - We need to go more deeper. the nether was not enough11.47 MB
Bountiful_adventures_Dev v1.3_0.jar - added some stuff11.5 MB

i fixed leaf piles and added moss and a loot tble (table) for mangrove huts that dont work!!!!!!

fixed it!

1.2 Added caveren dimension, Added 3 new biomes: Crystal Caves, Deep Caves and Dark Caves.  Added a bunch of new blocks!

Added a Use for those blocks and 2 new Biomes! Tall Forest, Underforest. and added the Small Dark Tower. Also, Sadly. I removed the poisionshroom due to bugs.

Now Supports 1.17!! Added 2 new biomes! Deep Lush caves, Abyssal Caves. Dont mind the broken mobs....

alpha: pls still dont mind the broken mobs. Added 3 new biomes, 2 new blocks and 1 new mob!

alpha 2: Horray!! i fixed the models and added 2 new biomes and 3 blocks

Cool! I especially like the creativity of the flame and the mushroom models!