Villagers and Monsters Legacy

Published by __Jacobb__ on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 18:08
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Welcome to the mod Villagers And Monsters Legency

At the beginning I want to say that my computer broke down and I lost Villagers And Monsters Mod :C

It is a mod based on exploration and fighting with powerful bosses and diversifying the game.This is a difficult mod

At the moment, there is one world in this mod: the World of Caves. There are the following caves:

-Dark Cave

-Glow Cave

-Ice Cave

-Swamp Cave

How make a portal? Polished Diorite + Dark Pearl

At the moment, the modification has 9 mobs, including 1 boss.More worlds will be available in this mod.

I'm aiming for at least 200 vanilla style mobs

Thanks for read

Minecraft Planet:

Curse Forge:…


Update 0.0 :


0.0 Villagers And Monsters Legency first version

In Update 0.1 Mummy Scorpion and Wood Mace be added

In Update 0.2, the cave minotaur and the elder cave minotaur in mazes have been added

Added in Update 0.3 Cave silver pig and some items

nice mod, it's cool mod i think, i was doing another mod is called a portecium, but your mod is pretty epic

Sad, so sad :( , nice mod anyway :) , a few questions will:
Planned content for the other V and M be added?
Will mobs and bosses that did not get to have good texture eg. margung colossus and dark dragon, be added with a good texture?

I don't plan on adding identical old mobs. But I can use them. And I will create variants, e.g. I can make an Ilioger with Viologr, or I can make a silver flying pig from a golden pig, etc. I want to be able to play two mods without any disturbances for the time being