Survive The Jurassic

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   And yes, this mod is made entirely by myself - Code, models, textures, logo, artwork.



  [ ► This mod aims to add prehistoric life and trying it's best to obey Minecraft's vanilla style.

   BUT, due to this project being very unfinished and early in development. For an example, the generation method currently used for "Prehistoric Nether" is VERY unstable and laggy(It 100% will be changed in the future), to properly play in the "Prehistoric Nether, you need to set up correct settings. To make sure your PC won't go KABOOM!



1. When being in the "Prehistoric Nether", set you'r chunks to 7. If set lower or higher, for your PC, it harder to process all the things happening.

2. When being in the "Prehistoric Nether", constantly(every 5-7 minutes) change the chunks from 7 to 8(to update chunks). /reload will make it worse.

3. Backup your world before playing with the mod.

4. Play with features only from the "Prehistoric Nether". Don't  play with the unfinished("Jurassic Era") features of this mod.


   Say hello to the new(maybe old) Prehistoric Strider! Based on the oldest/orginal strider design by Jappa.



   A "Nether Oasis" is a chunk of land in the middle of a lava lake, inhabited by Hoglin Laptevs and Meerlin Workers.



   A "Meerlin Colony".



   New 'Prehistoric Nether" fungy planks.

  ► For more INFO about the mods features, read here:…


This project is currently paused for 1 year, due to very steresful times.


Modification files - CurseForge link to the mod:309 bytes

Woah, bro, is it this mod you were working on for so long time? It looks absolutely amazing, I love it! (I'm pretty sure I've seen some photos earlier, but now it feels much more complete and beautiful) ^^

If you cont the time, how much I worked, you would realise, that it wasn't that long.

The thing that pulled my time is A VERY strict school and preparation for exams. I have to get THE BEST grade.
I worked on the "Prehistoric Nether" for a bit more than a month. + The mod was uploaded on CurseForge ages ago. FINALLY on the MCreator website!

Glad you liked my project. :)

I like the work you have done. Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done to fix the lag problems, but the fact that you have decided to do something very difficult is already worthy of praise. Mob animations look cool. I think this mod deserves to be the next best mod of the week after my Corundum Meadows mod. And I hope you manage to realize everything as you planned)

I put a bit of thought and planning the "Prehistoric Nether"s gameplay and it's features. I have a small notebook, where I describe and think out everything.
And OH BOY! The "Jurassic Era"! Not only it's features are thought out, but it will be a completely new gameplay experience. At the same time, vanilla as "Origin Realms". You will LOVE it!
I have already worked a bit on it. And I AM HYPED to start fully working on this!

Thanks for the warm words! And I saw your mod! Love how it's main theme is the 'Spore Blossom'. So original. :D

Wow, what a mod 😮. Love the animations and textures!
I'd love to give this MOTW, but it's currently rather unplayable with all the generation problems it has so I can't quite do that at the moment :/ When you find the time to polish the current features, I'll gladly give you the award as you really deserve it :)
Till then, I hope you have as little stress as possible and that it gets better soon :)

Yooo! This mod is so amazing! I really like it when I saw Hoglin Laptev is sleeping that feature is so cool! When I entered the dimension, I was immediately shocked that the biomes Is so amazing! Imagine with shaders lol. But Goodluck for making the mod! (•◡•)