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Published by Rique on Mon, 03/21/2022 - 06:24
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This mod is in the early stages of its lifetime. It includes a new ore called "Ethern Ore" which you can mine and obtain in Y level 20 and below. The ore can be collected and used to craft the "Pressurized Ethern Press" and this machine allows you to press the ore into a NEW type of fuel that lasts 1.5 times more than a lava bucket. This is all the mod offers for now but I do plan on adding more stuff I have in mind also if you have a request or an idea you think I should add, leave it in the comments below!

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NormalUtilities1.3.jar - Normal Util. Version 1.3Uploaded on: 03/21/2022 - 06:35   File size: 64.59 KB