Moss And Monsters

Published by kiakkers on Sat, 07/02/2022 - 01:38
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This biome is full of new creatures and monsters! Here, you will be able to find many types of moss blocks.



nibbler and mudskipper

Nibblers can be found in pools scattered around in the Mossy Forest. Mudskippers can be found anywhere within the forest.



Mossmunchers can spawn anywhere and spawn in groups of 1 to 3. They drop cholorofilm and muncher fangs which can be used to craft armor and weapons.



Mosscrabs are commonly found in the mossy forest. They act like wolves and will follow and fight for you when tamed.



The large moss crabs are found scattered around the new biome. You can ride them and they can't be tamed.


The crabbo is big :]



The tree spirit is an extremely hard boss to fight. Be prepared to die a lot! Its drops can be used to craft armor and a ranged weapon. The armor is stronger than netherite!


All recipes are unlocked when you enter the biome.

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MossAndMonsters1.1.jar - Moss And Monsters!Uploaded on: 07/02/2022 - 03:44   File size: 478.28 KB

2nd July : created mod.

Mosscrab side grass texture is needing change, otherwise great texture!