Ultimate Equpment

Published by APM on Thu, 09/22/2022 - 09:03
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This mod adds 42 new crafts  - obsidian, netherite-diamond and bedrock armor, weapon and tools (new pickaxes can mine bedrock), as well as double picks. I advise you to play JEI, because without it it will be difficult to figure out new crafts. All new tools and armor are made from netherite-diamond plates and sticks, Bedrock plates and sticks. The mod is still in development - I plan to add translations into other languages (Currently have Russian and American English).

All new armor and tools are made from new items, so you can download not only the .jar file of the mod, but also an .zip archive with all the crafts, I strongly recommend downloading it.

Do not judge strictly, my first normal mod.

Modification files
Ultimate Equpment V5 [1.18.2].jar - Beta version 5!Uploaded on: 09/24/2022 - 09:48   File size: 234.39 KB
Ultimate Equpment V4 [1.18.2]_2.jar - File of modUploaded on: 09/22/2022 - 20:00   File size: 182.95 KB
New Crafts_2.zip - Archive with crafting images.Uploaded on: 09/22/2022 - 19:18   File size: 230.87 KB

Version 5.1!


Although I wrote that the update will be major, I still decided not to leave the mod without updates for 3 days. this is a half version, part 2 will be released soon.

  • Vanilla materials drills
  • When using picks and drills in the creative, blocks do not drop out.

Update announcement! Version 5

I decided to combine the update with the drills, and the global update of the whole mod, it will be released today or tomorrow, since I want to add a lot of new things in it.

Update announcement! Boers!

Now I'm in the development and testing of a new version, it will include drills from all possible resources - both mod and vanilla.

Version 4!

Double pickaxes!

  • Added double pickaxes.
  • English translation fixes.
  • New textures for netherite-diamond plate and ingot.

Update announcement!t! double pickaxes!

I plan to add to this mod, my other one is on double pickaxes. They dig not in 1, but in 2 blocks at once. but they spend 2 times more durability, as they dig 2 blocks. The update will be released today or tomorrow.

Version 3.5!
Completed the update!

  • Removed old mod files.
  • Updated illustrations.
  • Fixed damage to mobs from pickaxes and shovels.

Version 3!
Obsidian Update!

  • Added obsidian tools, items. weapon and armor.
  • New textures for netherite-diamond armor

Version 2!

  • Fixed English translation.
  • Added a separate tab for the mod in the inventory.

P.S. I'm working on a big update with obsidian.

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If you find bugs, or come up with a good idea - let me know, I'll try to fix / implement it.