Magic Adventures Mod

Published by Epikgame on Sun, 11/13/2022 - 15:22
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Magic Adventures Mod- mod that adds a lot of magic staff into the game.
New mana mechanic that needed to use magic staffs and mele weapons powers


-Active soul sand
-Obsidian essention ore
-Fire essention ore
-Deepslate mana ore
-Water essention ore
-Deepslate ice essention ore
-Mana ore
-Ice essention ore
-Stone essention ore.

Also mod adds new equpment into the game


  • Holy hammer
  • Excalibur
  • Holy katana
  • Gungnir
  • Holy bow
  • Holy battle axe
  • Holy axe
  • Holy pickaxe
  • Holy tinker hammer
  • Obsidian hammer
  • Stone battle hammer
  • Soul bow
  • True Gungnir
  • True Excalibur
  • Heavy holy armor set
  • Obsidian heavy holy armor set
  • Stone staff
  • Fire staff
  • Ice staff
  • Obsidian staff
  • Soul staff
  • Water staff.

    Mod adds a lot of resourses, but maybe it too complicated


  • Holy string
  • Holy ingot
  • Holy plate
  • Holy Blade
  • Holy Battle axe blade
  • Holy gard
  • Stone, ice etc. essentions
  • Stone, ice etc. Crystals
  • Soul shard
  • Fire gard
  • Stone battle axe blade
  • Ice blade
  • Water ingot
  • Obsidian plate
  • Holy steel block
  • Mana block.

    There is some consume items:

  • Concentrated mana crystal
  • Mana chocolate
  • Mana chocolate chunk
  • Mana necklace
  • Mana belt.
    If you like the mod you can donate on my patreon -
Modification files
EpikgamesMagicStaffMod.jar - 1.19.2 reliseUploaded on: 11/13/2022 - 16:14   File size: 208.06 KB
MagicAdventuresMod1.1.jar - Version 1.1Uploaded on: 11/25/2022 - 06:55   File size: 423.1 KB


-Active soul sand
-Soul Essention
-Soul shard
-Soul crystal

-Soul staff

-Soul bow

-Holy string

-Holy blade

-Holy axe blade

-Stone axe blade
-Holy battle axe
-Stone battle axe
-Holy katana
-Ice katana
-True excalibur
-True Gungnir
-Holy hammer
-Obsidian Holy hammer
-Soul string
-Obsidian heavy holy armor set
-Heavy holy armor set
Mana system
Staffs textures