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Welcome! this description of my mod!
 First at all, the Lunar mod is not like build the portal, and be on the Moon. No because i did rockets, and landers!
 And this mod has Lunar car, to move on Moon, or if you want on Earth.

 So, the Moon is realistic, like if you get the Torch, it's gonna replace torch with "Extinct Torch" because there no air on Moon, will you agree?

 And the question, "why you need travel to the moon?" because there rubies on Moon, that you can craft ruby sword, and ruby axe. And make drill from meteors.

 and some bugs that i fixing:
so try be careful, because when you travel to the Moon, you can spawn underground!
and oxygen system not that good that you think.

How to get oil?
It's simple!, go to the nether, and find oil! To get oil you need empty canister, just walk on oil and you get oil canister!

Hey! I was at moon, and i didn't find the Meteors!

don't worry, i add more meteors on Moon

Also i get some textures from old Galacticraft, so yeah
And i forgot to say, to travel to the moon you need fuel canister, and if you want to travel earth back you need canister of fuel too!

Moon soundtrack made by: Segneir dechu
Some textures made by: Micdoodle8

Modification files
Lunar Mod First release.jar - Lunar mod, 1.12.2 first release.Uploaded on: 03/30/2023 - 17:13   File size: 3.27 MB