Nayza's Relics (A Dark past Update 1/3)

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Nayza's Relics mod logo





The mod add lots of new blocks and Items : (In current In Dev version)


       - 122 Blocks (A lot of them are building blocks)
       - 58 New items
       - 39 Tools & Armors
       -  32 New Leaves, Grass and Plants
       - 11 New biomes and 1 new dimension
       - 13 New advancements
       - 5 New entites -> One of them is a mini boss


Some Blocks and entity images :




Tools and armors :

Arthrine Tools & Armor :

The Arthrine Armors and Tools are a very great way to protect yourself against mobs in your early days in minecraft, Arthrine ingot can be crafted by crushing the ore to powder with an iron hammer and smel it to get ingot, The Armor itself is a bit stronger than iron armor and everything have a bit more durability. Great Armor overall






Bismuth Tools & Armor :

The bismuth Tools doesn't have any special abilities but yet still powerful, With a durability of 1224 these tools are a bit better than diamonds tools, if you want medium damage and high speed, then the bismuth fast sword is your go-to, but if you want high damage and normal speed, then a bismuth sword is for you !!
overall bismuth is yet pretty rare but pretty powerful.



 Vanire Tools & Armors :

The vanire set is the most powerful set available in this mod (Next update), More powerful and resistant than a netherite armor. When equipped, the armor slightly reduces the knockback, and you might beat the Warden, Yeah ! The WARDEN.
The tools are as powerful as the armor with the only modded hoe of the entire project that will transform dirt into farmland in a 3x3 area and plant seeds automatically. The sword, Pickaxe, Shovel and axe doesn't have particular specialities but yet still powerful and speedy at the same time !


Vanire Tools&Armor Showcase





The Ritual Crafting Station :

The ritual Crafting Station is a block that will allow you to craft some mods item or some uncraftable vanilla items.

You have all the recipes down !!





Mob Spawner Core:

Spawner Core craft

Mob modded Spawner:

modded spawner Craft


Zombie/Skeleton/Spider spawn egg craft:

Spawn eggs craft

For skeleton => Replace the rotten flesh with a bone block.

For spiders => replace rotten flesh with string.


Resources needed to make the modded spawner work (Exact quantities):

Ressources needed



Curseforge link :


Latest bug report :

- No game-breaking bugs founds. If you find a bug, please report it to this link

Modification files
nayzas_relics-0.210423.1530.jar - In Dev: Version 0.210423.1530Uploaded on: 04/21/2023 - 09:06   File size: 927.68 KB
nayzas_relics-0.230423.1045.jar - In Dev: Version 0.230423.1045 (Biome O' Flower update)Uploaded on: 04/23/2023 - 08:48   File size: 1.04 MB
nayzas_relics-0.230423.1243.jar - In Dev: Version 0.230423.1243 (Fixed Translator and soul scroll crashes)Uploaded on: 04/23/2023 - 10:44   File size: 1.02 MB
nayzas_relics-0.290523.1628.jar - In Dev: Version 0.290523.1628 (Dark past update)Uploaded on: 05/29/2023 - 14:36   File size: 6.52 MB

Version 0.290523.1628:

- Added Vanire Ore and block 
- Added Vanire Tools and armor 
- Added Vanite Crystal and stone crystal variant + Vanire reinforced netherite ingot 
- Added Vanire crafts 
- Added Thallium Ore and block 
- Added Prececursor dimension 
- Added Prececursor Sbire
- Added Prececursor Prececursor Outpost (Overworld and in the dimension) 
- Added Prececursor Trap, Wall Block, Floor Block, pillar 
- Added Prececursor Chain
- Added Prececursor Dimensional Transmitter 
- Added Prececursor Magical Laser
- Added Calmyth Forest 
- Added Calmyth Wood, Planks, Stairs and slabs 
- Added Calmyth stone, stairs and slabs 
- Added Calmyth Related blood flowers
- Added Calmyth Walkers 
- Added Evnaith Forest 
- Added Evnaith Wood Planks Stairs and slabs 
- Deleted Mob Farmer block and related craft 
- Modified Starter Advancement 
- Added Calmyth Theme music and available in Music disc 
- Added Evnaith Theme Music and available in Music disc 
- Added Wheat Field Biome
- Added Particles effects for a lot of blocks
- Added Bunch of useful commands
- Changed Ritual UI, Modded Spawner UI, Translater Table UI
- Translater Table Model refreshed
- Deleted Spirit House dimension
- Added Fire Rune
- Added Water Rune
- Added Nature rune, Nature's Force potion effect, Nature Force overlay
- Added Wind Rune
- Added Luminareum Flower
- Added Bonuire Flower
- Added Firium Flower

- Fixed Shreiver sprout not dropping items
- Fixed Limestone cave's plants wasn't spawning
- Modded Spawner Revamped

Version 0.230423.1243:

- Fixed Crash caused when opening a translator table

- Fixed Crash caused by right-clicking on a block with a soul scroll


Version 0.230423.1045:

- Added Deshydrated Desert Soil
- Added Deshydrated Sandstone
- Added Wasteland Grass
- Added Deshydrated desert Biome
- Added Mob Farmer Advancement
- Added modded spawner Advancement
- Added dimension advancement
- Added Orange grass
- Added orange Grass block
- Added orange leaves
- Added orange forest biome
- Added Orange Biome advancement
- Added Haunted biome advancement
- Added Campsite structure
- Added Ice Grass block
- Added Ice Leaves
- Added Ice Grass
- Added Ice forest
- Added Ghost Mob
- Added Icing Stone
- Added Icy Caves
- Added Shreiver Sprout Seeds
- Added Patchouli API
- Added Mod documentation with patchouli API (Unfinished)

- Fixed Shreiver Sprout
- Using Loot table for Shreiver drop instead of a single item
- Modified Some advancement
- Fixed Carcete blocks names
- Fixed Haunted Planks sounds
- Fixed Haunted Tree generation
- Fixed Ormoth Vines (Cant be placed because of a weirdly-made procedure by me XD)

Version 0.210423.1530:
- Carcete And Cobbled Carcete
- Carcete Stone Birck Stairs
- Carcete Stone Birck Slabs
- Carcete Stone Birck wall
- Carcete Stone Birck Button
- Carcete cobbled stone Stairs
- Carcete cobbled stone slabs
- Carcete cobbled stone wall
- Carcete cobbled stone button
- Carcete stone Stairs
- Carcete stone slabs
- Carcete stone wall
- Carcete stone button
- Added Specific Carcete crafts
- Bismuth Ore and block
- Added Arthrine Shovel
- Added Arthrine Shovel Craft
- Added Bismuth tools
- Added Bismuth crystal
- Added Bismuth armor
- Added Bismuth Carfts
- Added Spawner Fragments (4 differents fragments)
- Added Spawner Core
- Added Modded Spawner Block
- Added Spawner core and modded spawner blcok ritual Craft
- Mob Farmer Should work correctly with hopper (Block Still in WIP)
- Added spawner fragments to the Opened Ancient scroll translation with translator table
- Added craft to make the modded spawner working
- Added craft for a zombie spawn egg
- Added craft for a skeleton spawn egg
- Added craft for a spider spawn egg
- Changed End city to a world spwan teleporter
- Added Xray block
- Deleted Ormoth Small tree
- Deleted Wand of the sovereign

- Fixed Ormoth Tree generation in the ormoth biome

- Mob Farmer Should work correctly with hopper (Block Still in WIP)

- Blore biome (Added last mod version) Has been upgraded and can now be found in the nether

Version 0.190423.2104:
Added the mod to the Mcreator's website

You can suggest me some ideas to add in the mod :)