MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

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MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

MCreator will celebrate its 12th birthday soon, and what better way to celebrate it than with a ModJam in collaboration with the CurseForge! More info in the article.

We are teaming up with CurseForge from Overwolf for this ModJam as we did around two years ago for the Sustainability Project ModJam. CurseForge will be providing amazing rewards for this project and big recognition for your mod! This time, we have decided not to specify any specific theme to the ModJam and leave fully creative options to the mod authors.

ModJam rules

Every ModJam comes with some rules that the mod authors need to follow. For this ModJam, the rules are:

  1. Mods created or published before the contest was announced can not participate
  2. Mods need to be made with the help of MCreator but can contain custom code too
  3. Mods can be made by individuals or modding teams (separate modelers, texture makers, developers, sound designers, etc.)
  4. Mods need to be posted on and
  5. The mod description page should include “Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024
  6. On the CurseForge, mods need to include the MCreator category/tag
  7. Mods need to be submitted for the contest in the given timeframe on a link we will publish in the article on and additionally share on our social networks
  8. By participating, the author agrees we can mention the mod name, contents, screenshots, videos, and mod logo for the contest promotion and execution
  9. Mods participating in this contest can’t participate in our weekly mod of the week (MOTW) contest during MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024. The top 5 mods will be awarded the MOTW tag on after the contest


Out of all submitted mods, MCreator’s and CurseForge’s teams will select the top 5 Minecraft mods. The selection will be made based on mod content, complexity, quality, idea, originality, and the mod page design and quality. The selection will represent an average of the votes of all team members.

The top 5 Minecraft mods with the best rating are then selected for the second round where the community votes for the winner.


First, we need to thank the CurseForge for being ready to participate and help in this ModJam and of course for the rewards they will be providing! The top 3 contestants (individual or teams; in the case of a team, the reward is split depending on how the team agrees internally) will get the following rewards:

  • 1st place - 1000 USD in CurseForge points + CurseForge merch
  • 2nd place - 500 USD in CurseForge points + CurseForge merch
  • 3rd place - 250 USD in CurseForge points + CurseForge merch


For you to be able to plan your work on the mod as effectively as possible, here is the list of dates that are important for the contestants. We may add more dates to the timeline here as the ModJam progresses.

This means you have a bit over one month for you to finalize the mod. You can still release updates to the mod after the submissions close, but we can not guarantee the version of the mod we will test for the selection of the top 5 mods after June 1st will be the one released after the deadline.

We are already looking forward to seeing all the amazing mods this ModJam will bring. Let us know what you think about the ModJam and whether you will join it in the comments below!

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Because I am about to take the final exam, I only have a little time to complete it. I have done my best, but it is still too late. I can only complete a basic beta version.QWQ

hope i gave myself enough time for curseforge approval i created the project yesterday but i only now uploaded the files

Ok so I asked this in the replies of another comment but I didn’t get a response so I’m just posting this again as it’s own comment instead! :P

so @Klemen said that we can’t reuse code from other mods we made and I was wondering if that mean’t I can’t reuse a math based procedure I mad before hand for I mod I didn’t even announce let alone release, or if it would be ok for me to just copy/past only the math stuff and do all the other code/procedure stuff from scratch.
My reasoning is that regardless of whether or not I made it from scratch again it would’ve just ended up being identical anyways so it’s probably fine?

At any rate it was really hard for me to figure out the first time so I really don’t wanna have to figure it out again from scratch if I don’t have to!! :’’’)

They also said we can’t just rehash ideas and I was kinda wondering how different does the idea/concept have to be in order for it to not go against the rules?

I’m asking because I was hoping on expanding on a specific part of another one of my (unreleased) mods and make it into it’s own thing for my submission! :D

I already made alpha and after that beta versions of my mod. I tryed to make it playable although it's beta.
And finally i finished showcase youtube video for it =D. I hope you enjoy it.

I would not reach the deadline it's in 2d I did not finish my mod I made half of its contents and it is kind of a big mod because of a lot of school activities and exams during this month but good luck to others who made it

Can our submissions be marked as “experimental” on curseforge, or do we have to have it be approved as a “non-experimental” mod for it to count?

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