MCreator 1.7.7 - New events, bug fixes and more

Published by Klemen on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 10:28
MCreator 1.7.7 - Fluid and plant events, bug fixes and more

The first update of MCreator in the year 2018 is here. MCreator 1.7.7 is made to work with Minecraft 1.12.2 and adds some great new improvements and fixes a lot of bugs.

Fluid and plant events

We added a new page to both wizards on which you can add custom events. Now you can make fluids and plants that will react to the environment and can have scheduled tasks.

Bug fixes

Update 1.7.7 introduces many new bug fixes. The more notable bug fix is the naming bug fix. MCreator sometimes named elements instead of their actual names. This had to do with a new format of machine element names Minecraft supports. We have fixed this bug. If you have workspace from MCreator 1.7.6 with broken names, just import it into 1.7.7 and MCreator will fix them automatically.

We have also fixed a bug with MCreator UI glitching in some cases. This was caused by unhandled errors in the UI system when a wrong image format was loaded. MCreator's UI won't glitch anymore in such cases.

There were also many other minor bugfixes which are listed in the changelog on the bottom of this article.

High DPI support

Until now, MCreator did not support High DPI screens. From now on, it does. We have changed the version and type of bundled Java to support this. Now you can use MCreator on 2.7K and 4K monitors without problems. If you still have problems, check installation guide in order to fix this problem, it only has to do with the Windows settings.

Other improvements

A full changelog of 1.7.7 release:

  • Updated Minecraft Forge MDK to recommended version 2555 for Minecraft 1.12.2
  • Updated bundled Java to OpenJDK 8u152b
  • Added support for pack_format 3 for pack.mcmeta
  • Improved MCreator Launch procedure with additional compatibility checks
  • Added internal debugger for easier support which can be enabled with --debug launch option
  • MCreator can now interpret some new gradle console errors
  • Improved user authentication system backend
  • Added events to custom fluids
  • Added events to custom plants
  • [Bugfix] If use custom colors were not selected on biome creation, custom biome caused compile errors
  • [Bugfix] Texture selection dialog not refreshing on first texture import
  • [Bugfix] If all elements of existing recipe definition were removed, Minecraft crashed on launch
  • [Bugfix] MCreator not working on HighDPI Windows devices
  • [Bugfix] Element names not working in some cases ( instead of real name)
  • [Bugfix] MCreator UI glitched in some cases because of image format problems
  • [Bugfix] Biome spawn list could contain null elements
  • [Bugfix] Pumpkin seeds were duplicated on element list
  • [Bugfix] Dark oak and acacia slabs were missing on the element list
  • [Bugfix] Many other minor fixes and enhancements

Antivirus problems

Some anti-virus software detects this release of MCreator as a false positive. We have scanned release (as we do with each update, we use a very good and trustworthy scanner from Kaspersky Lab) and it is safe to install. If you can't install MCreator 1.7.7 or installation does not work or you have other strange issues with this release, it might have to do with AV if you have it installed on your computer. The reason for this is most likely a change to the bundled Java and anti-virus software has not adapted to this change yet. Most problems are reported from Avast users.

UPDATE (25. 1. 2018): We have contacted Avast and they have responded and confirmed that they have removed the false positive and the change should take effect in the next 24 hours.

See also

The roadmap for MCreator 2 has already started developing. You can participate in the discussion and add suggestions and ideas for any major changes that should happen with this update. This is only the concept right now so we don't have any release dates for and as it will not happen that soon yet.

Make sure to check our year 2017 retrospection if you didn't already. You can find great inspiration for your future mods in the retrospection of the best mods made with MCreator in the past year.

Tell us what you think about the 1.7.7 update after you downloaded and installed it in the comments and share this article with friends so they can learn about this new update too.

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Can't download it, I have all the requirements more than met, but when I try to download it I press "I agree" to the terms and then it gets stuck, I can't click on anything of it, I can't move it, and if I click off of it it still shows up at my task bar, but I can't actually open it again, and I can only close it using task manager.

That is what happens, I can't do anything and if I click off I can't get back on again, I can only delete it with task manager, I've tried letting it sit for half an hour, no change. Like I said, the first time it was working, but then it crashed and this happens ever since, and yes I deleted the crashed stuff.

IT WORKED IT WORKED! WHOOP! Thanks Klemen, I wouldn't have looked at the antivirus stuff for quite a while if it hadn't been for you, and thanks for, well, CREATING MCREATOR, seriously, this is the only thing I can make mods with.

Hey, one of my mods got unpublished because I pretty much removed my description, but now I fixed the description, so can you please re-publish it (or whatever that would be called) before it gets automatically deleted

I'm Actually Witnessing A Problem Where It Freezes My Desktop But Doesn't Freeze My PC, It Doesn't Load MCreator Either

We have changed the installer of MCreator 1.7.7 that has been causing problems on some computers. Now it should install smoothly.

Problem , i tried on both archive and installer 64bit and it failed to start.I always used mcreator on 64bit and it worked fine.
When i installed it with the archive , my avast removed it's internet anytime i opened it.And when i installed it with the installer , my avast did something really bad , they removed the dependency of that shortcut and the shortcut was changed or moved.And i installed it on windows 7 BTW!

I just ran AV scan with Kaspersky which is a paid and professional anti-virus software we use to make sure we don't include any harmful files with MCreator reported 0 threats when scanning fresh installation of MCreator. If there is an option, whitelist MCreator, report a false positive to Avast and if this fails, you might have to disable AV.

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