Website update - Upvotes and much more

Published by Klemen on Tue, 03/26/2019 - 12:03
Website update - Upvotes, mod page thumbnails and more

The first website update in the year 2019 is here. We have added some new interesting features to the website such as new upvoting system. More about the update in the article below.

There have been many minor changes on the website. We will just mention some of the more important changes on the website here.

Issue upvotes

The most important addition in this website update are issue upvotes. Users can now upvote issues and by upvoting show the interest in this issue being prioritized before others. You can see issues sorted by their upvotes on the Hot issues issue tracker page.

This addition will help us determine which issue to solve first. Users can selectively upvote the tickets they need to be solved first.

Modification pages improvements

Modifications got the upvote system too. Right now the upvotes can only be visible on the modification page due to a limitation in the system we use, but in the future, we plan to add sorting by upvotes on the community page too.

Another improvement is that on the modifications page, users can now sort modifications by the download count. Modification thumbnails have been improved too as they now contain download count next to the latest Minecraft version indicator.

New mod page thumbnails with download count

New mod thumbnails with download indicator

Website performance

You might have noticed that in the past month the website was less responsive than usual. We have fixed this issue and even increased the performance to a higher level before this decrease. The website should now work more smoothly.

Video tutorial collection

This one is not directly connected to the website update, but we thought it is worth mentioning. We have made a new playlist on our YouTube channel that contains a list of first and third-party tutorials for MCreator. We will keep updating this list to include more up-to-date tutorials in the future too. Check it out!

This would be everything for now. We have more features in the plan for the website for the future updates so stay tuned :)

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We plan to add ranks too, we just don't have the concept and the backend roadmap for them complete yet.

For the biome, it could be. We make a library of screenshots of mods of the weeks and we sometimes use these pictures in our articles to showcase the works of the community :)

A neat update to the website.
I like that you can actively see how many downloads your mod has and the issue tracker.

Hey, Klemen you didn't add any of my numerous mcreator tutorials to the playlist. Why is that?

I can not remember all of the tutorial authors, sorry I have forgotten about you. I have opened a forum topic asking for users to submit their tutorials so I can add them to the list. Please link your channel there and I will add them :)

The modification upvotes feature is really cool! You should probably be able to sort mods by Upvote count as well as downloads. :D

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