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Shadowlands is a mod which adds 5 new dimensions, each with biomes and dungeons, there's loads to explore! First you must summon an kill a huge flying magical construct and then you can visit the wonderous lands this mod has to offer.

It adds:

  • 5 new dimensions
  • 23 new mobs
  • 115 new blocks
  • 9 new armor sets
  • 20 new plants
  • 4 new bosses
  • 34 new structures
  • 88 new recipes
  • sereral other things such as GUIs

The Shadowlands dimention is a dark shadowy dimension with grey trees and black stone dungeons along with occasional red cactus forests, here you will find the keys to the Glowshroom Forest and Vellium dimentions.

The Glowshroom forest has glowing mushrooms everywhere, but be carefull - some of them can move and are not at all welcoming to outsiders. The dimention also has strange stinging Jellyfish and Spore Mines (inspired by Warhammer 40k) the spore mines seem harmless but will explode without warning if you go near them. And of course there are plenty of towers and dungeons to loot and explore.

The Forgotten Desert dimension can be reached by aquireing a gold coin from a Trader robot, the desert has huge ruined rusty metal towers and generators - the remnants of an advanced civilisation lost to the harsh sandy wasteland

The Vellium dimension is a bright sunny cheerfull place - but do not be fooled - the strange yellow one-eyed beasts which inhabit it are deadly, and if you're not carefull you can get hopelessly lost in the low lying fields of fluffy cloud.

The Bloodlust dimention is an evil dark place, full of hostile mobs and covered in sharp spikes which without the right armor can tear apart the player, the most powerfull boss in the game can be summoned here - but it's very powerfull so make sure you can get back to the altar if you get killed (don't worry it won't despawn)

Also make sure that spiders/cave spiders/spider like creatures do not touch Oil or Molten Shadowmetal otherwise the game will crash, Oil isn't super usefull in this mod so just don't bring it into the overworld unless you have to.

The wiki can be found here:

Total Mcreator mod elements: 526

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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Shadowlands 1.14.4 version 1.3.jar - Shadowlands 1.14.4 (Important bug fix)4.39 MB
Shadowlands mod 1.15.2 version 1.3.jar - Shadowlands 1.15.2 (Important bug fix)4.4 MB

Fixed a bug where the Glowshroom forest portal igniter didn't appear.

Fixed a bug where killing the Red Knight didn't grant an achivement.

Fixed a bug where Glowing Crystal wasn't obtainable.

You can also get the mod from my PlanetMinecraft page:

Wow it looks really cool! Some textures would be improved though, but still a great mod :)

First you kill the Awakened star boss, it drops the portal materials, to summon it make 2 lightning crystals and 1 summoning core (it's the 2nd picturehere:

Crafting recipes can be found here:

Also you use TNT to break the Glowing Crystal ore which you get the Glowing crystals from (it generates in the overworld)

Looks awesome! Is that a custom skybox in the bloodlust dimension?