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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Roads & Stuff is a basic 1.12.2 Mod that adds many Roads and Road Signs to Minecraft! Making it easier to build Minecraft Roads!


Let me know about bugs in the comments!


+ = Added

- = Removed

* = Fixed/Improved

Update Log:


+Road Sign Pole (Holds Road Signs)

+Road (Actual Road)

+Cross Walks (Like Real Life)

+Stop Sign (Stop means STOP!)

+Crossing Sign (Letting you know to watch for people)

+MPH Sign (You're Speeding if you go faster!)

+Sidewalk (Sides for walking!)


Get the Update in downloads!

MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod is recommended for the Roads! Link --->

Obfuscate will be needed if you get MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod:


Thanks MCreator for making this possible!

Thanks MCreator community for all your inspiring Modifications!

Modification files
Roads & Stuff 1.0.0-mc1.12.2.jar - Roads & Stuff KB


Road Sign Poles

Road Signs

& more!

the screenshot could be updated to make it more realistic to what is in the mod and be more eye-catching.

You should delete the crosswalk 2 block and make the crosswalk one rotatable