Mexicraft: Bringing the spice to Minecraft!

Published by Lila Keiko on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 23:13
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A mod about Mexican culture, flora, fauna, gastronomy, and much more!

This mod has as its primary objective to share the various aspects of the Mexican culture to the world! Different updates will be happening over time, where I will be adding Prehispanic Cultures, more food items, mobs... which are usually suggested by people over at r/mexicraft on Reddit!


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Modification files
Mexicraft 1.0.1.jar - OLD VERSION - Download the 1.0.1.jar file for Minecraft Java 1.15.2!Uploaded on: 09/23/2020 - 03:58   File size: 8.71 MB
Mexicraft 1.1.0.jar - OLD VERSION - Download the 1.1.0.jar file for Minecraft Java 1.15.2!Uploaded on: 11/02/2020 - 07:22   File size: 9.65 MB
Mexicraft - - Download the Readme text for the CurseForge link (MC Java 1.16.5)!Uploaded on: 04/07/2021 - 20:35   File size: 642 bytes

Version 1.0.0

  • Added MICTLAN dimension.
    • Added Calupoh, Mictlan Spirits, Calavera Spirits, Alebrijes, Obsidian Spirit, Mictlan Jaguar, Underworld Spiders, Observer Nahual, Deathling, Roaming Death, and Underworld Spider Queen.
    • Added biomes: Apanohuaia, Tepeme Monamictlan, Itztepetl, Cehueloyan, Pancuetlacalóyan, Temiminaloyan, Teyollocualoyan, Itzmictlan Apochcalolca, and Chiconahualoyan.
  • Added NATURAL RESERVE biome.
    • Added Axolotls, Hummingbirds, Mexican Wolf, Jaguar, Monarch Butterfly, Illager Poacher, and Illager Blowgunner.
  • Added mobs for vanilla biomes: Xoloitzcuintle, Turkey, La Llorona, Nahual, Rattlesnake, Scorpion, El Charro Negro, and La Catrina.
  • Added ores: Salt, Opal, Quetzalstone, Tonalli, Jade, Turquoise, Mictlan Iron, Mictlan Gold, Mictlan Lapis, Obsidian Shards, and Fire Opal.
  • Added armor and tool tiers: Jade, Obsidian, and Turquoise.
  • Added Pickaxe of the Mictlan.
  • Added weapons: Spears, Illager Blowgun, and Macuahuitl sword.
  • Added wool/terracotta/concrete/stained glass colors: Mexican Pink and Flag Green.
  • Added stone variants: Mictlanstone, Tezontle, Black Tezontle, Adobe, and Gray Adobe.
  • Added wood variants: Veinroot, Golden Veinroot, and Jacaranda.
  • Added Papel Picado, Pinatas, and Ofrenda Tables with Minecraft colors.
  • Added flora: Agave, Blue Agave, Peyote, Nopal, Hibiscus, White Rose, Dahlias, Heart Bush, Chili Bush, Cempasuchil, Cempasuchil Garden, Nochebuenas, and Tonalli Infused Cempasuchil.
  • Added decorations: Wax Candle, Calaveritas, Pan de Muerto, Portraits, Molcajete, Mexican Bowl, Dip Dish, and Guirnalda.
  • Added salsas, dips, and creams: Salsa Verde, Salsa Roja, Guacamole, Mole Poblano, Nacho Cheese, Beans, Nogada, Sour Cream, and Pico de Gallo.
  • Added ingredients, fruits & vegetables, and natural food sources: Sesame Seeds, Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate, Avocado, Tamarind, Prickly Pear, Nopal, Hibiscus, Walnut, Almond, Onion, Tomato, Green Tomato, Lettuce, Raddish, Coriander, Corn Cobs, Peas, Beans, Agave Leaf, Cheese, Salt, Chicharrón, Flour, Dough, Tortillas, Maguey Worms, Piloncillo, Heart Fruit, Golden Heart Fruit, Agave Core, Turkey, Tostada, and Totopo.
    • Added chilis and crops: Jalapeno, Red Jalapeno, Poblano, Red Poblano, Chilaca, Habanero, Mirasol, Anaheim, Arbol, Bola, Serrano, Piquin, Chipotle, Morita, Mulato, Ancho, Pasilla, Dry Habanero, Guajillo, Dry Arbol, Cascabel, Colorado, Seco, Dry Piquin.
  • Added prepared food: Cooked Turkey, Quesadilla, 7 variants of Tacos, Enfrijolada, Picadillo, Chile en Nogada, Mexican Bread Roll, Tamales, Pozoles, Chocolate, Mazapan, Calaveritas, Pan de Muerto, Nachos, and Cooked Maguey Worms.
  • Added drinks: Glass of Water, Lemon Water, Orange Water, Hibiscus Water, Melon Water, Tamarind Water, Pineapple Water, Horchata Water, and Bottled Remedies.
  • Added Music Disc: Son de la Negra.
  • Added special items: Guide for the Proper Care of Axolotls, Axolotl Food, Charm of Death, Charm of Life, Quetzalstone, Conch Shell, Bubble, Golden Bubble, Cempasuchil Skull, and Heart of the Mictlan.

Version 1.0.1

  • Added food: Green Chilaquiles, Red Chilaquiles, Enmolada, Entomatada, Green Enchilada, Red Enchilada, Swiss Enchilada.
  • Added recipes: Glass of water.
  • Added full translation to Mexican Spanish.
  • Bux fix: Totopos not becoming nachos after a third dip.
  • Bux fix: Charro Negro's hitbox covered only his horse.
  • Bug fix: Recipes containing Glass of Water wouldn't return Drinking Glass after crafting.
  • Bug fix: Tonalli Source wasn't spawning particles correctly.
  • Removed Lightweight Mount advancement.

Version 1.1.0

  • Changes to MICTLAN dimension.
    • Added Mictlan Chaneque and Wandering Skull.
  • Added mobs for vanilla biomes: Quetzal, Jewel Caterpillar, Jewel Moth, Chaneque, and Locust.
  • Added ores: Tonalli Crystal.
  • Added weapon: Chipote.
  • Added tree and wood variant: Ahuehuete.
  • Added blocks: Limestone, Polished Limestone, Jade Block, Turquoise Block, and Tonalli Crystal Block.
  • Added decorations: Cempasuchil Guirnaldas, Cempasuchil Ornaments, Tonalli Cempasuchil Ornaments, Plate, Plate with Alfeniques, Wooden Cross, and Lime Cross.
  • Added flora: Ahuehuete Sapling.
  • Added bowl type items: Salt bowl, Adobo, and Corn Syrup.
  • Added ingredients, fruits & vegetables, and natural food sources: Coriander Seeds, Achiote, Achiote Seeds, Achiote Paste, Rice, Pineapple, Cornstarch, and Lime.
  • Added naturally obtained meat items: Pig Stomach, Pig Uterus, Pig Backbone, Brain, Tongue, and Chapulin.
  • Added prepared food: Pastor Meat, Pastor Trompo, Rice Soup, Mexican Rice, 4 variants of Sopes, and 4 variants of Alfeniques.
    • Added taco variants: Salt, Flauta, Potato, Beans, Cochinita Pibil, Pollo a la Pibil, Chinicuil, Chilorio, Chilayo, Asada, Buche, Lengua, Sesos, Nana, Nenepil, and Carnitas.
  • Added item: Quetzal Feather.
  • Added structures: Mushroom and Treehouses with Chaneques.
  • Improved textures for drinks.
  • Glass of Water changed from item to block.
  • Added biome compatibility for the Natural Reserve with terrain generator mods.
  • Improved translations in Spanish.
  • Bugfix: Certain recipes gave back more Molcajetes, Bowls, Drinking Glasses, or Corn Husks than needed.
  • Bugfix: Teyollocualoyan biome spawning in the Overworld.



Version 1.2.0.


  • Added ores: Cempoalli Crystal, Crystalized Mictlanstone, Itztli Crystal, Polar Crystal, Desertic Crystal, Carcass Crystal, Sanguine Crystal, Murk Crystal.
  • Added gems: Cempoalli Crystal, Crystalized Mictlanstone, Itztli Crystal, Polar Crystal, Desertic Crystal, Carcass Crystal, Sanguine Crystal, Murk Crystal, Crystal of the Mictlan.
  • Added blocks: Tonalli Candle, Prehispanic Stone, Prehispanic Bricks (Long & Short variants), Dark Prehispanic Stone, Dark Prehispanic Bricks (Long & Short variants), Coat of Arms Glazed Terracotta, Jacaranda Stairs, Jacaranda Slab, Jacaranda Fence, Jacaranda Fence Gate, Jacaranda Trapdoor, Jacaranda Door, Void Leaves, Voidroot, Voidroot Planks, Voidroot Stairs, Voidroot Slab, Voidroot Wall, Voidworm Thread, Glowworm Thread, Luminant Ice, Luminant Ice Stairs, Luminant Ice Slab, Luminant Ice Wall, Underworld Sandstone, Putrid Soil, Putrid Leaves, Putrid Root, Putrid Roor Planks, Putrid Root Stairs, Putrid Root Slab, Putrid Root Wall, Glimmerstone.
  • Added 19 variants of Papel Picado for walls.
  • Added tables: Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak, Ahuehuete, Jacaranda, Crimson, Warped.
  • Added tablecloths: White, black, pink, blue, green, yellow.
    • Added items: Soul of the Beast, Ashes of the Sacred Bones, Arrow of Justice, Feather of the Northern Winds, Bone of Illusion, Remains of the Fallen Ones, Heart of the Mictlan, Ofrendal Skull, Disk of Death, Glimmerstone Dust, Ash, Magmafrost Matter, Plague Shell, Vein, Glimmering Heart Fruit, Obsidian Flake, Boreal Breath, Hunter's Trophy, Heart of the Dead.
    • Added armor: Straw Hat, Charro Hat, Bone Armor, Mictlan Crystal Armor.
    • Added enchantments: Obsidian Sole.
    • Added weapons: Macuahuitl of the Mictlan, Tecpatl, Netherite Spear, Ehecatl Spear, Mixcoatl Bolt.
    • Added tools: Pickaxe of the Mictlan, Axe of the Mictlan, Shovel of the Mictlan, Hoe of the Mictlan.
  • Added mobs: Ahuizotl, Snow Ahuizotl, Bighorn Sheep, Alebrije Bighorn Sheep, Arrow Carrier, Crawler Heart, Golden Eagle, Living Candle, Lost Heart, Lost Soul, Mixcoatl Snake, Oxkokoltzec, Plague, Plague Child, Plague Egg, Tlacanexquimilli, Voidworm, Glowworm, Wind of the North, Wind of the Dead.
  • Added bosses: Itztlacoliuhqui, Mictlampehecatl, Mixcoatl, Tepeyollotl.
  • Added flora: Cempoalli Mushroom, Obsidian Mushroom, Putrid Flower, Putrid Flowers, Putrid Grass, Putrid Tall Grass, Sprouting Vein, Jacaranda Sapling, Void Sprout.
  • Added ingredients & food: Huitlacoche, Alebrije Mutton.
  • Added corn variants: Pink, red, cinnamon, purple, black.
  • Added dough variants: Pink, red, yellow.
  • Added tortilla variants: Flour, yellow, adobo, pink, red.
  • Added quesadilla variants: Pink, red, blue, huitlacoche, pink with huitlacoche, red with huitlacoche, blue with huitlacoche.
  • Added portraits of 24 Mexican celebrities.
  • Added structures: Mictlan House, Colossal Head.
  • Added particle effects for biomes:  Apanohuaya,Tepeme Monamictlan, Itztepetl, Cehueloyan.
  • Added sound effects for biomes: Apanohuaia, Tepeme Monamictan, Itztepetl, Cehueloyan, Pancuetlacaloyan, Temiminaloyan, Teyollocualoyan, Izmictlan Apochcalolca, Chiconahualoyan.
  • Added sound effects for mobs: Ahuizotl, Snow Ahuizotl, La Llorona, all Jaguar variants, Rattlesnake.
  • Added music discs: La Feria de Cepillin.
  • Retextured: Ahuehuete Sapling, Jacaranda Leaves, Jacaranda Log, Jacaranda Planks, Flag Green Glazed Terracotta, Flag Green Pinata.
  • Removed blocks: Spider Egg, Turquoise Infused Cempasuchil, Ofrenda Table (all variants), Dry Cempasuchil Soil, Fire Opal Ore, Fire Opal Block.
  • Removed items: Fire Opal

Reddit topic looks super cool! It seems you fill original part of Minecraft modding, and execution of that looks great <3 will check that soon