MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

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MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

MCreator will celebrate its 12th birthday soon, and what better way to celebrate it than with a ModJam in collaboration with the CurseForge! More info in the article.

We are teaming up with CurseForge from Overwolf for this ModJam as we did around two years ago for the Sustainability Project ModJam. CurseForge will be providing amazing rewards for this project and big recognition for your mod! This time, we have decided not to specify any specific theme to the ModJam and leave fully creative options to the mod authors.

ModJam rules

Every ModJam comes with some rules that the mod authors need to follow. For this ModJam, the rules are:

  1. Mods created or published before the contest was announced can not participate
  2. Mods need to be made with the help of MCreator but can contain custom code too
  3. Mods can be made by individuals or modding teams (separate modelers, texture makers, developers, sound designers, etc.)
  4. Mods need to be posted on and
  5. The mod description page should include “Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024
  6. On the CurseForge, mods need to include the MCreator category/tag
  7. Mods need to be submitted for the contest in the given timeframe on a link we will publish in the article on and additionally share on our social networks
  8. By participating, the author agrees we can mention the mod name, contents, screenshots, videos, and mod logo for the contest promotion and execution
  9. Mods participating in this contest can’t participate in our weekly mod of the week (MOTW) contest during MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024. The top 5 mods will be awarded the MOTW tag on after the contest


Out of all submitted mods, MCreator’s and CurseForge’s teams will select the top 5 Minecraft mods. The selection will be made based on mod content, complexity, quality, idea, originality, and the mod page design and quality. The selection will represent an average of the votes of all team members.

The top 5 Minecraft mods with the best rating are then selected for the second round where the community votes for the winner.


First, we need to thank the CurseForge for being ready to participate and help in this ModJam and of course for the rewards they will be providing! The top 3 contestants (individual or teams; in the case of a team, the reward is split depending on how the team agrees internally) will get the following rewards:

  • 1st place - 1000 USD in CurseForge points + CurseForge merch
  • 2nd place - 500 USD in CurseForge points + CurseForge merch
  • 3rd place - 250 USD in CurseForge points + CurseForge merch


For you to be able to plan your work on the mod as effectively as possible, here is the list of dates that are important for the contestants. We may add more dates to the timeline here as the ModJam progresses.

This means you have a bit over one month for you to finalize the mod. You can still release updates to the mod after the submissions close, but we can not guarantee the version of the mod we will test for the selection of the top 5 mods after June 1st will be the one released after the deadline.

We are already looking forward to seeing all the amazing mods this ModJam will bring. Let us know what you think about the ModJam and whether you will join it in the comments below!

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Question, I saw the twitter announcement that referenced "We started reviewing submissions and some mods did not include the #MCreator tag on CurseForge or added "Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024" text to mod pages on both and pages." I wanted to clarify the wording here-- is this saying we ARE supposed to include the "Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024" text on BOTH Curseforge and MCreator, or that we're ONLY supposed to include it here? I had interpreted it in the former manner, but the phrasing here made me wonder if it was the latter, so I wanted to clarify. Thank you for your time!

Yesterday I submited my mod and I completely forgot to inscribe in the form ToT. (totally my fault xD)

Tell me, is it okay that I finished the 'cosmetic design' of my mod page just now? Like, will this be taken into account in choosing the top 5 mods, or have you already checked and rated all the mod pages?

Btw still waiting for the full list of participants, curiosity kills me :D

All discussions before the deadline: "upload the mod early, even if it's not ready, so there are no awkward situations."
Deadline late users: "my mod is not accepted, I didn't know about moderation!"

I posted the mod on CurseForge, but its name doesn't fit the needs. What should I do?

Yo Klemen, the Timeline says the submissions close on june first, and it says we have a bit *over* a month, so I thought that meant end of june 1st, but the forum is closed. Its 6am my time and was trying to submit mine.

So, are we able to upload mod files and stuff and continue updating our mod pages after the deadline (on curseforge and Mcreator respectively) or would doing so get us disqualified, or maybe just having any changes done after the deadline not being counted to the final score?

Yes. You are allowed and welcome to improve the mod even after the submissions, however, we may have already downloaded your mod and started testing it out on the previous version.

If you get to top 5, you are free to release updates that people will test on, for example

Alright! :D
In that case I probably will keep updating it for a bit then, I only started on the project 9 days ago and although I was/am happy enough with as it is RN, there’s still a few things I had in mind for it that didn’t quite make it before the deadline!! :P

Ugh, Curseforge approval is taking, like, 12+ hours to go through. Maybe they're getting a lot of submissions? Here's hoping it finishes in time...

I had the same problem. I submitted on curseforge and it still hasn't been approved so I hope I am still eligible for the competition. I suppose if I submitted it on MCreator then the judges can just download it there.

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