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Hello! Welcome to the 105.000 Stone blocks challenge!

To get started you need stone, stone and even more stone! I mean, not cobblestone, really stone! In this mod there are 4 new blocks, and all of them are resistant to TNT explosions and harder than the regular stone! Also this mod has a new sword (you will need 105.000 stone to craft it), it has +50 attack damage and 2400 uses!

So, let's see the crafting recipes!

- Compressed stick - 9 normal sticks.

- Double compressed stick - 9 compressed sticks.

- Compressed stone - 9 normal stone.

- Double compressed stone - 9 compressed stone.

- Triple compressed stone - 9 double compressed stone.

- Quadruple compressed stone - 9 triple compressed stone.

- Compressed stone grip - 1 quadruple compressed stone in the bottom center 2 double compressed sticks in top of it and 2 more quadruple compressed stone in the upper corners.

- Compressed stone fuller - Just 9 quadruple compressed stone.

- Compressed stone blade - 3 quadruple compressed stone on the bottom and another one in the center.

- Compressed stone sword - The 3 sword parts (from up to down: blade, fuller and grip) in the central vertical line.


If you downloaded this mod...well...good luck!



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