Beloved Recources Mod Beta 1.2.0

Published by Xrane626 on Sun, 01/08/2017 - 04:24
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​The Lucky mod pack has a crashing issue so if you cant play this mod please remove that expansion pack. ​I have it under my things to do.

This Mod is a currently Beta mod with soon to come more. I would love to hear your suggestions or bugs that you find. Also if you send me a link to a mod showcase you made about this mod... maybe ill feature it!

Beta 1.2.0 "Wastelands" expansion pack update log:

-added fallen wasteland trees

Beta 1.1.0 "Mo' Swords" expansion pack update log:

-Added Titanium ingots, Axes, Ores, and waraxes

Beta 1.1.0 "Lucky" Expansion pack update log:

-Renamed "Rainbow Ore" to "lucky ore"

-Lucky ore now spawns in the overworld

-Lucky Ore has more drops

-Lucky Ore has less spawn chance

what might to come of the future:

[Spoiler] -Wasteland forest?? (comment if we should)

-wasteland guns/supplies

-Wasteland Supply shop

-Fix Lucky Expansion Crash bug

-add new expansion pack to come soon

-add main pack

Update may come soon

Please leave some feedback

Modification files
beloved_recources_beta_1.1.0_mo_swords_expansion.jar.jar - Beloved Recources mod "Mo' Swords" expansion beta 1.1.0Uploaded on: 01/08/2017 - 20:14   File size: 71.56 KB
beloved_recources_beta_1.1.0_lucky_expansion.jar - Beloved Recouces mod "lucky" expansion Beta 1.1.0 CRASHING BUG!!!Uploaded on: 01/08/2017 - 20:49   File size: 88.49 KB
beloved_recources_beta_1.2.0_wasteland_expansion.jar.jar - Beloved Recources mod "Wasteland" expansion Beta 1.2.0Uploaded on: 01/09/2017 - 01:33   File size: 1.28 MB

Feel free to give suggestions, bugs, and your thoughts about this mod here