Wireless Redstone & More [Canceled]

Published by MeepJJ on Thu, 05/09/2019 - 01:07
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A mod that adds some Redstone blocks that make building faster and easier.

EDIT: I have stopped development on this project due to school and other projects I have started.

If anyone would like to take over the development of this mod, you may repost the mod when you have made any substantial changes. Please credit me clearly in the description of your repost. (e.g. Branched from MeepJJ's Wireless Redstone & More)



A modified crafting bench hovering over a gray background

Please say in the comments if this mod should be continued and/or if you have any suggestions that you think should be added. Thanks!






  • Wireless Redstone
    • Channel-based broadcaster system (Only supports one receiver-per-transmitter at the moment, will get buggy if multiple are used)
    • Can be paired easily by right-clicking a transmitter and a receiver with the pairing tool.
    • If channels go out of hand, the /resetchannels command may be used to reset the var used for creating channels. This will, however, cause issues with overriding preexisting paired blocks.
  • Signal extender
    • Allows for a timed signal extension after a Redstone signal expires.
    • Much more compact than repeaters or hoppers/etc.
  • Filter hoppers
    • Will allow the player to insert items into it and have only items matching them flow through to the block under it.
    • Items that don't match will not be moved from the above container, allowing for insanely simple sorting systems and lock systems.


Crafting recipes


Crafting Recipes


In-development features (in progress)

  • Filter Hoppers (89%)
  • Triggers (60%)


Possible Features (comment which ones you'd like to see!)

  • Angled repeaters
    • Saves space, and helps with series of Redstone lines.
    • Looks cool
  • Logic gates
    • Will provide a one-block compact way to insert logic into your Redstone builds. Once again, insanely easy.
  • Triggers
    • Will connect if put next to another trigger block, and will output a Redstone signal when an entity walks through it.
    • Will allow for hidden traps, cool cutscenes, and more.
  • Redstone clock
    • one block, compact
    • configurable
    • only active when powered
    • Comprehensive, easy to maneuver
Release type
Maintainance only
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
wr&more_v107.mcr - v1.0.7 (developer, no forge check)1.43 MB
wr&more_v107_nocheck_0.jar - v1.0.7 (minor update, no forge check)809.8 KB
wr&more_v106_nocheck.jar - v1.0.6 (medium update, no forge check)812.59 KB
wr&more_v105_nocheck.jar - v1.0.5 (major update, no forge check)806.31 KB
  • Fixed channel persistence
  • Improved textures
  • made wireless Redstone linkable through pairing tool
  • Redstone signal extenders have been fixed and made configurable
  • Fixed signal extender GUI title
  • changed pairing tool texture and item name style
  • Added crafting recipes
  • Added achievements
  • Fixed receivers self-powering and resetting before being paired with a transmitter
  • Reworked crafting recipes to represent the items/blocks more.
  • Added the coil, used to craft the transmitters and receivers.
  • Fixed bug where filter would not accept hopper input
  • Fixed coil texture goof and updated mod version number

Submitted by thebebist on Mon, 05/13/2019 - 16:00

This is a really cool mod ;)
A redstone clock could probably fit in the mod

Submitted by MMTE05 on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 16:31

Nice idea.
But I am very in redstone and in my opinion you can handle this without a mod...

Hi! I’m sorry that you don’t find my mod useful, but that does not mean that it isn’t for others. The goal of this mod isn’t to replace Redstone, but to give flexibility to users and decrease the need for large contraptions or long redstone trails.

For the most part, yes. The main thing that pushed me over was some problems that would require me to modify the actual code of the FilterTick procedure, which I was unable to do because I have no experience in Java. Combined with my increasing end-of-year workload, complicated schedule, and other projects that I have started, it has become harder to stay on schedule. I might resume the development of this project during the summer when I have more free time. For now, the project will be open to the public to modify and build off of it.

The only thing really stopping me from finishing the filter block is how the FilterTick needs to be able to overwrite the hopper below's TransferCooldown nbt.