Creeper Craft

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The mod adds a new dimension to new creepers 1 sword that can scare mobs into flames Add 1 item and 2 new blocks
the dimension is green as the creeper the dimension was built from creeper netherrack there but also in the overworld you can find the new ore i hope that you like the mod and write me your ideas and wish the comments a lot of fun

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Creeper Craft1.12.2.jar - Creeper Craft1.12.2203.05 KB

Nice mod :)
Can you explain the features in a little more detail though?
For instance, what is the new ore? What can it be used for?Where do the creepers spawn? etc.

hey how did you do the mod when I make a creeper that for example when it explodes it leaves a lightning does not work it would help me and by the way good mod I liked it a lot