Published by 4cqker on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 09:24
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This mod does not add any new equipment or ores. Nor does it add any food nor mobs nor dimensions nor special events. It's a simple mod.
All it does is add new Stone-based building materials, and a few naturally generated structures to show them off.

AS OF VERSION 1.1.9, This mod requires Quark as a dependency. I hope this isn't trouble for most people, as Quark is a relatively acceptable mod, welcome in any pack. I only rely on it for Spruce trapdoors currently, but since it adds lots of other Quality of Life improvements for wood in general, the dependency will likely become more deep-rooted as I add more Stockstone Structures to the world generation.
Furthermore, this mod has its Forge version compatibility unlocked, and can be run on 2768, 2779, and possibly later versions, though I haven't tested them.

Lordstone (Cream Tint)
Filestone (Green Tint)
Stockstone (Beige Tint)
Muckstone (Brown Tint)
Prepstone (Orange tint)

Each material is created with different combinations of materials + stockmelt, a catalyst.
It is possible to find structures made from Stockstone and one from Lordstone out in the wild, though the Lordstone one is quite rare.

To make Stockmelt, build a Stock Melter with Cobblestock and wood arranged around a furnace. Right clicking on the Stock Melter with an appropriate material in hand will melt it in to something more rudimental. Cobblestock melts down to stockmelt, for example. The other recipes are secret! Experiment with it and leave suggestions as to what other recipes I could add.

Filestone is created with Leaves.
Prepstone can be found underground.
Muckstone is found in the Taiga.
Lordstone requires Diorite and Granite to make, and can't be found naturally.

Those are all the hints I'm giving out. If you want it to be easy, just use NEI or an equivalent, as I do. (It won't show you Stock Melter recipes though)

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

1.2 - Polished release.

Cornerstones added for Lordstone and Stockstone. Three new structures. Block of stock and Stock Ingots removed (redundant). Streamlined block placement styles. Lordstone Edgeplate added.

1.1.9 - Bug fixes.

Blazing Prepstone removed for now. Might add it back one day. Filestone Edgeplate now works as intended.

1.1.8 - First release.

Current Bugs - Blazing Prepstone really does not work right, and Filestone Edgeplate doesn't point in the direction it should when placed.
I will fix these in 1.1.9

Cool mod and textures :D
One of the best building mods :)

Great mod to devorate your world or to make structures (though I guess that was obvious...)!
Adds in structures and pretty blocks! 10/10 for the textures :D

Submitted by 4cqker on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 09:53

Does anyone have a problem with the Quark dependancy? The spruce trapdoors look great but they are the only thing making it, so if it's causing troubles for people I'll just replace them with fences or something.