Void Power

Published by wanati on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 11:52
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Ok. At the beginning I'm sorry for bad english. Inspiration for this modification were 2 games - Dishonored 2 and Warframe. Conception of this mod is changing all the time so there can be some abnormalities in names. In this mod you (will) can get some powers, meet Void Masters, meet HE, visit more dimensions, destroy dimensions, create your own rings and bracers equiped with Energy Crystals that will give you bonuses. If you notice some bugs please describe them in comment and I will try to repair them. I'm a beginner in creating mods, so I sometimes don't know how to fix such a bug. If you know or have an idea, write in a comment. :)

Modification files


-Added Runic blocks

-Added Breaches

-Added Void dimension

-Added Void Fluid

-Added Runic Translator

-Added Messages From The Void

-Added Strange Plant

-Added Advenced Technology

-Added Void Builder

-Added Ring Creator

-Added Ring parts

-Added Energy Crystals

-Added Energy Crystals Modifier


-Fixed some abnormalities in names

-Added Stat Device

-Added Ring

-Added and changed few little things(i don't remember well)