The Offhanded Gamers Mod

Published by GoodieBag on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 00:37
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This mod is inspired by the popular mod known as: "Inventory Pets" and the semi-popular "Gamer" meme. With this mod, you are able to craft and use different types of gamers. Each Gamer with their own abilites. There are 7 Ranks of Gamer (in order from worst to best) Normie, Casual, Advanced, Gamer, Boss, Epic Gamer, Special. There are also 3 different types of Gamers such as: Shop, Ranged, and Effective. The Shop Type sells you stuff, The Ranged Type is used as a Ranged weapon, and The Effective Type will give you a combination of effects in exchange for leaving a specific item/item type in your inventory (all except for the Ranged Type requires them to be in your offhand). You are able to craft every gamer except for 2 Special Gamers and All of the Boss Gamers. The rest is up to you, if you have any questions/suggestions/bug reports then please feel free to message me. If you're really confused about the mod then you should watch the Mod Overview video. Here's the Link to that:


Before you go off looking for Sans... lemme tell you, he's no joke... he has 1,000 HP and can literally fling you into the air.... watch out buckaroo... he can end your journey... 

...i n   l e s s   t h a n   a   s e c o n d.

Created with the Power of MCreator.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version


Version 1.0.1
The First Update


-Festive Gamer Added

-Furry Gamer (Level 1) now works fine!

-Loot Carrier Spawn Rates have been dialed down

-Loot Carriers have a 5% chance to drop a Loot Carrier Gamer.

*False Bedrock is Harder to Break ;)

Version 1.0.2
The MEGA(lovania) Update!

-8 New Mobs Added, Puzzlee/Puzzkee/Puzzbee/Puzztree/Sans/Offlander/Ooflander/Coolio

-8 New Gamers, Your Mum(actual gamer)/Working Man/Completionist/Sans/Puzzlee/Puzzkee/Puzzbee/Puzztree

-New Biome, The Offlands

-New Blocks, Offsand/ Offsandstone + its variants/Roblock + its 16 colors/Transfusite Block

-Transfusite Armor is Added

-Tweaks to the Computer

-The Speedrunner, Tetrominio, and Girl Gamers are Fixed

-New Sword, VIP Claymore

-New Advancements Added

*False Bedrock is Harder to Break ;)

Version 1.1

-3 New Mobs Added, Jonesy(Suggestion brought to life)/Waluigi(Suggestion brought to life)/Gaster Blaster

-16 New Gamers, Human Neutral/Human Pacifist/Human Genocidal/Gamerbot 1000/Gamerbot 2000/ Gamerbot 3000/The Creator/Cheating Gamer/Toxic Gamer Lv 1/Toxic Gamer Lv 2/Toxic Gamer Lv 3/Competitive Gamer/Rich Gamer/Xboxer/Playstationeer/Coolio

-New Ore, Epikite!

-New Armor & Tool Sets, Epikite Armor/Epikite Tools/Bedrock Blade/Bedrock Pickaxe/Waluigi Cap

-New Blocks, Info Table(Allows you to learn more about gamers and allows you to sell them for xp)/Diamond Bone Block/Upgraded False Bedrock/Sans Sand/Sans Summoner/ Wah-loo-ee-gee Summoner/Bedren Forge/Game Shelf/Nintendo Switch Dock/Nintendo Switch Dock with Switch/Xbox One/Playstation 4

-New Joycon Pickaxes!


*False Bedrock is Harder to Break ;)

also im sorry that this update took so long, next update... wont take 8 months...

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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Gamers! We have the mod for you: The Offhanded Gamers Mod! It is a Mod Of The Week (i says it for the gamers run into this mod) if you don't know it!

Congratulations for be "Mod Of The Week"! Very nice!

Congratulations! I am proud of you! I haven't tested the mod yet, but I already liked the fact that I have custom and unique models!

Hey, i very like this mod, its original and funny, but can you please put your cursepage up to date bcs i want to put it in a modpack and it will actually be better if you put the last version :)