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CryptorMod (CMod) is a mod which adds creatures named Cryptors and some kinds of armor and arms and more stuff. 


  • Some kinds of Cryptors (Common, X, Cyber, Horrific, Bacterian)!
  • New stuff like Cryptor X armor, his sword, cyber gun etc.!
  • New dimensions!
  • And many easter eggs and other!


An Information about some Cryptors (From manual)

Common Cryptor

Common Cryptor

Common Cryptor is a main representative of Cryptors family. He seems peaceful, but if you kill him, then you can see very dangerous threat.


Cryptor X

Cryptor X

Cryptor X is a powerful form of Common Cryptor. Spawns when Common Cryptor dies. He is very strong, so he kills you with one hit(!) If you plan to fight him, get ready for hours or days of fighting ;) If you finally kill him, you can get legendary food, which can make you stronger, but this is temporary. Rarely you can get parts of X’s armor or his sword.


° Mod is avilable on English and Russian languages 'v'

Some facts about Cryptor: (ACHTUNG! SPOILERS!) 

  • He can shoot lightnings for range
  • He invented a robot similar P.A.M.A. (from MC: Story Mode) and it makes useful to him by Useful Chip
  • He described a determination in his book "Mystical Power, or how to be successful". And he injected a determination to himself and he can turn to anybody he wants. 

Mod also avilable for MC 1.14.4!

A mod for 1.14.4 and a manual avilable here:

Project members
Lead developer
Texture designer
Sound designer
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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
CryptorMod-3.0.0-1.12.2.jar - 3.0.0 (Stable) for 1.12.2332.58 KB
CryptorMod-3.1.0-1.12.2_3.jar - 3.1.0 (Stable) for 1.12.2731.31 KB
Changelog (published)

  • Credits were updated.
  • Bug with Cryptor X was fixed.
  • Entity names on heads are hidden.
  • An Exclusive block added.
  • Added multitool.
  • In biome: command blocks replaced to New blocks.

2.0.0 (published)

  • Added Cyber Cryptor
  • Added Cyber Gun and Sword
  • Added Radical Dimension and biome (and block ;P)
  • Added easter egg

2.0.1 (published) 

  • Radicals renamed to Cybers. 
  • Merchant added (Beta) 

2.1.0 (published)

  • Explosive chicken added
  • Merchant's spawn rate was decreased.
  • Added Detonator
  • Some bugs fixed :)

2.2.0 (Published) 

  • A Halloween theme was activated
  • Added some recipes for some items
  • Bugs have fixed

3.0.0 (Published)

  • Added a hidden dimension
  • Added two kinds of Cryptors: horrific and bacterian (summonable only by minecraft's cmd)
  • Added new weapon

3.1.0 (Published)

  • Recipes were edited
  • Added new ingots
  • Fake cheat GUIs
  • Cryptors and weapons were rebalanced
  • Added a barrel of fuel
  • Added sound effects for Cryptors
  • Mod got an icon :)
  • More secrets...
  • And more EASTER EGGS!!!1!

Hello Dudes!
A newest version can downloadable at my official site:

P.S. Your comments are inspiring me to make a new versions. ;-)

Hello! New version 2.1.0 is suspending to other time by the program code error((( I try to export and publish at official site and MCreator site. Wait!

A new version 2.2.0 will be released at 31st October, at Halloween :) Thanks you for your support!

[ '◡' ] A new information! I don't make an update for mod for X-mas and New Year but I will make a new mod.

P. S. Do not ask me for new mod. You see that at New Year '◡'

[ '◡' ]
Can't you wait for my new mod?
OK. I spill some beans about this mod.
Listen. There are arms and armour.
Great enemies' armour.

Ooops... I created the poem in comment. (*'◡'*)