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This mod adds common Cryptor and Cryptor X and some cool stuff.


  • Common Cryptor
  • Cryptor X (boss)
  • Cryptor X's sword
  • Legendary food
  • Cryptor X's armor
  • ... and other. version (first release) has a bug with Cryptor X (Not attacking) but in (Big Update) it had fixed.


° Mod is avilable on English and Russian languages 'v'

Craft recipes (for 2.0.0)

All craft recipes


Some facts about Cryptor: (ACHTUNG! SPOILERS!) 

  • He can shoot lightnings for range
  • He invented a robot similar P.A.M.A. (from MC: Story Mode) and it makes useful to him by Useful Chip
  • He described a determination in his book "Mystical Power, or how to be successful". And he injected a determination to himself and he can turn to anybody he wants. 
Project members
Lead developer
Texture designer
Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
CryptorMod-2.1.0-1.12.2.jar - 2.1.0 (Stable)241.77 KB
CryptorMod-2.2.0-1.12.2.jar - 2.2.0 (Stable) 256.97 KB
Changelog (published)

  • Credits were updated.
  • Bug with Cryptor X was fixed.
  • Entity names on heads are hidden.
  • An Exclusive block added.
  • Added multitool.
  • In biome: command blocks replaced to New blocks.

2.0.0 (published)

  • Added Cyber Cryptor
  • Added Cyber Gun and Sword
  • Added Radical Dimension and biome (and block ;P)
  • Added easter egg

2.0.1 (published) 

  • Radicals renamed to Cybers. 
  • Merchant added (Beta) 

2.1.0 (published)

  • Explosive chicken added
  • Merchant's spawn rate was decreased.
  • Added Detonator
  • Some bugs fixed :)

2.2.0 (Published) 

  • A Halloween theme was activated
  • Added some recipes for some items
  • Bugs have fixed

Hello Dudes!
A newest version can downloadable at my official site:

P.S. Your comments are inspiring me to make a new versions. ;-)

Hello! New version 2.1.0 is suspending to other time by the program code error((( I try to export and publish at official site and MCreator site. Wait!

A new version 2.2.0 will be released at 31st October, at Halloween :) Thanks you for your support!

And sorry for that but I can't upload crafting recipes image because it haves bigger size that needed. But you can watch it at my Twitter! The link:

[ '◡' ] A new information! I don't make an update for mod for X-mas and New Year but I will make a new mod.

P. S. Do not ask me for new mod. You see that at New Year '◡'