Borg Legends

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Borg Legends

Get ready to fight new creatures and gain their weapons to aid you on a quest to find and destroy the Borg Reaper. This mod is built to expand vanilla survival mode.


This Mob focused mod contains 6 new enemies that appear in the wild:

  • Borg (Norm)
  • Wet Borg
  • High Borg
  • Bounce Borg
  • Big Borg
  • The Borg Reaper

These mobs introduce new challenges to survival mode Minecraft. As you find and fight them in the wild you may find their weapons as drops:

  • Ball and Chain
  • Ice Cream Bucket
  • Big Hammer
  • Scythe


Disclaimer: This mod was created by a 7 year old who is trying to learn the ropes of modding. Any misspelled names with in the mod are not an attempt to recreate any other copyrighted material.


Modification files
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