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Storage Upgrade is a mod similar to AE2 and Refined storage, but with a slightly different approach to data storage and visualization. The purpose of the mod is to make interaction with resources look like a terminal. Mod was created using MCreator, and therefore porting to other versions of Forge/Fabric will not take much time.

The basics of this modification:

1. Storage controller is the main network unit to which other units are connected.

2. Storage input/output - blocks of input/output of resources from the system.

3. Basic storage - a block into which various cells and drivers are inserted.

4. Display - A block for user interaction with the system. Initially, it does not contain a full-fledged GUI, but it can be added by executing a command. To find out the list of commands, type "/help".

The system can store 3 different types of data: 1. Items. 2. Liquids. 3. Data.

This description will change in the future, but the mod is still mostly WIP.

Project GitHub:

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Modification files
Storage_upgrade_0.0.1_alpha_1.20.1.jar - First commit.Uploaded on: 02/25/2024 - 00:32   File size: 307.73 KB
Storage_upgrade_0.0.2_alpha_1.20.1.jar - Add crafts and fix.Uploaded on: 03/03/2024 - 01:03   File size: 325.71 KB

0.0.1 alpha <Forge 1.20.1>

  • Frist commit. WIP.

0.0.2 alpha <Forge 1.20.1>

  • Added the /get command for the display. When it is executed, if the display is connected to the controller and the storage output is connected to it, it will output the required number of blocks, an example of the command: / get 98, where 98 is the number of items that the player should receive in the storage. Added crafts.