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This mod adds content from Terraria (in the future content from popular Terraria mods like Calamity or Fargo will also be added). Everything was done according to my idea and may differ from the original Terraria, since I interpreted the mechanics and everything else in my own way.

Currently the mod adds:

  • 2 new biomes;
  • 1 new structure;
  • 3 city NPCs;
  • 3 hostile mobs;
  • 32 new items;
  • 12 new blocks;
  • 1 new armor set;
  • 6 new melee weapons;
  • 1 new creative tab;
  • 4 new achievements;
  • 1 new painting;
  • 1 new effect.

So far there is not a lot of content in it, but with each update the mod will become larger and more diverse!

Modification files
Mineraria_2.3.0_NeoForge_1.20.4.zipUploaded on: 06/16/2024 - 18:31   File size: 8.98 MB
Mineraria_2.3.4_NeoForge_1.20.4.zipUploaded on: 06/19/2024 - 20:58   File size: 10.81 MB

Terraria Weapons Project 1.0 - 1.9
"The very beginning"

The first version of the mod, everything was created in MCreator without the participation of Blockbench. The elements include:

  • muramasa, dungeon ingot, golden handle
  • great flaming sword, flaming ingot, flaming hilt
  • grass sword, grass ingot
  • bloody meat cutter, bloody ingot, bloody hilt
  • edge of night
  • demonic and crimson altars
  • copper short sword
  • elevant: procedures, interfaces, recipes, etc.


  • altars conflicted and did not work
  • all swords were pointed towards the player

Terraria X Yellow Notebook 2.0

The second version of the mod, it was renamed  to Terraria X Yellow Notebook, everything was created from scratch, and now not only MCreator was used, but also Blockbench. The elements include:

  • dungeon ingot, golden hilt, dungeon shards, muramasa
  • dungeon shield
  • dungeon
  • fire ingot, fire hilt, great flaming sword
  • grass ingot, grass hilt, grass sword
  • crimtane ore, ingot, bloody meat cutter
  • crimtane armor set
  • altar
  • edge of night
  • relevant: procedures, interfaces, loot tables, recipes, etc.

Terraria X Yellow Notebook 2.0.1 - 2.0.4

Bugs and errors were fixed:

  • fixed texture of the edge of the night
  • fixed crafting in the altar
  • procedures corrected
  • other fixes

Terraria X Yellow Notebook 2.1.0
"First steps"

New entities, items, blocks and other elements have been added:

  • copper short sword
  • copper, silver, gold and platinum coins
  • miner's helmet
  • NPC seller
  • starting set of items
  • healing potion
  • Potion sickness effect
  • achievement "Get Rich"
  • coin converter
  • lens
  • black lens
  • demon eye
  • relevant: procedures, interfaces, loot tables, recipes, etc.

Terraria X Yellow Notebook 2.1.1

Bugs and errors were fixed:

  • fixed the process of trading with NPC - seller
  • fixed operation of the coin converter
  • effect levels have been changed for: miner's helmet, crimtane breastplate, crimtane pants, healing potion, etc.
  • Fixed the speed of the NPC seller and demonic eye
  • fixed demonic eye hitbox and spawn frequency
  • interfaces and procedures fixed

other fixes

Terraria X Yellow Notebook 2.1.2

Bugs and errors were fixed:

  • fixed attack priority of NPC merchant
  • fixed demonic eye essence type
  • fixed effects for healing potions and crimtane armor

Mineraria 2.2.0
"NPC Update"

It was renamed to Mineraria.

New elements have been added and old ones have been changed:

  • The merchant's model was changed, now he is the height of a normal person, and not like a child
  • a trading bug was fixed (nothing could be bought)
  • a new NPC has been added - Guide
  • a new NPC has been added - Nurse
  • new achievements have been added: long-term immortality; city ​​collection
  • recipes for the coin converter and black lens have been added
  • recipes have been added for spawn eggs: merchant, guide and nurse
  • Now you can ask the guide for advice, or ask him for craft
  • You can now receive treatment from a nurse for 1 silver coin
  • Now when spawning/respawning, newcomers will receive not only a copper short sword, but also a guide summon egg
  • relevant: procedures, interfaces, loot tables, recipes, etc.
  • other changes

Mineraria 2.2.1

Bugs and errors were fixed:

  • Guide animation fixed
  • fixed dialogue with guide
  • added recipes for nip spawn eggs

Mineraria 2.2.2 - 2.2.4

Bugs, errors and omissions were fixed:

  • fixed non-working treatment for the nurse
  • Fixed trade not working for the merchant
  • fixed non-working guide tips
  • dungeon spawn frequency changed (spawn increased 2.5 times)
  • fixed reward for achievement "city collection"

Mineraria 2.2.5

Bugs, errors and omissions were fixed:

  • fixed dialogue with guide
  • fixed dialogue with the merchant
  • fixed dialogue with the nurse
  • fixed the duration of the “night vision” effect so that there is no flickering

Mineraria 2.3.0
"Evil Update"

New elements have been added:

  • 2 evil biomes were added: crimson and distortion, each of which occupies 3.741% of the world's area. Fossils, mines, caves, ores and spawners spawn in them. Grass, dead bushes and new trees will spawn on the surface. New ores will spawn underground. Biomes have their own shades of sky, water and plants. 2 new mobs will spawn in the crimson, distortion like this has been deprived
  • new blocks have been added: earth block, crimtane grass block, distorted grass block, crimtane stone block, distorted stone block, demonite ore block, crimson wood log - they will spawn in new biomes; dungeon bricks - not yet used anywhere; boards made of crimson wood – crafted from logs of crimson wood, used in the same crafts as regular boards.
  • demonite ore has been added, which drops from the demonite ore block. You can create an ingot from it.
  • 2 new mobs were added: Crimera and Face Monster. They spawn in the Crimson biome on the surface during the day. With some chance they drop bones, coins, as well as a new thing, namely monster flesh
  • new food has been added: crimson burger, it is created from two bread and one monster flesh, has excellent nutritional value, and can also cause random negative effects when eaten.
  • other changes

Old elements have been changed:

  • starting items have been changed, namely a wooden pickaxe and an ax have been added to the list.
  • the spawn of altars has been changed.
  • the spawn of crimtane ore has been changed.
  • the model of crimtane armor has been changed, now it has an original model that is different from the usual one.
  • textures of some items have been updated.
  • the spawn of the demonic eye has been changed
  • other changes


  • Terraria's inventory has been added, which does not yet have functionality as such, but is a start for a future concept. You can open it with the "I" key, which can be changed in the control settings. This inventory has 3 slot areas: a coin area with four slots, a trash area with one slot, and an accessory area with 12 slots.
  • the first 2 accessories were added: aglet and shackles. They both have their own craft. Shackles do not have any properties yet, and the aglet slightly increases speed when equipped in accessory slots.
  • 6 demonic hearts of six levels have been added. Currently these items do not have functionality. Each of the hearts has a craft (each next level has the previous one in the craft).
  • other change.

Mineraria 2.3.1-2.3.4

Most bugs and shortcomings have been fixed:

  • English was added.
  • Names and texts in Russian were corrected.
  • A painting of "Dragon-Wamp" was added, which refers to my assistant Wampast for creating some textures and models.
  • Terraria's inventory has been partially corrected, now only coins can be placed in the coin slots, the trash can slot instantly removes items, and only accessories can be placed in the accessory slots. If you put accessories in the accessory slots, they will give the corresponding buffs, but the bug with items disappearing from Terraria's inventory has not yet been fixed.
  • The generation of altars has been partially corrected; now they spawn instead of an air block and have support under them in the form of a certain list of blocks, i.e. they no longer weigh in the air, BUT they still spawn on the surface, although they should spawn underground.
  • Descriptions of objects, as well as sounds in subtitles now begin with a capital letter.
  • The Guide's messages have been corrected so that it no longer misleads the player.
  • New messages have been added to the Guide related to the innovations of Mineraria 2.3.0.
  • Nurse sounds have been changed.
  • Messages from city NPCs have been corrected, now they are all sent separately and do not merge together.
  • Some icons have been fixed/changed.
  • The dungeon shield now works.
  • The miner's helmet will now only produce effects when equipped in accessory slots.
  • Now things are given out from the very beginning of the game, and not only after death.
  • Now items are issued only once and will not be issued every time you are revived.
  • Now, instead of giving the player a Guide spawn egg, the Guide will spawn himself near the player.
  • Now, when you first start the world, a message will be sent to the chat that will help novice players understand the mod.
  • Now the Guide does not spam a large number of messages at a time.
  • Other changes

Mineraria_2.3.4_NeoForge_1.20.4 is now available! You can see details about this version in the changelog.