Mineology: Dungeon Archaeology!

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Have you thought that getting the same old things in dungeons is a bit boring? want it to be more challenging, and rewarding at the same time?

ANSWER: Collect pieces of artifacts, and rebuild ancient statues!


Mineology is that mod. Whenever you encounter a dungeon, there is a rare chance to find an artifact piece! collect all the artifact pieces to rebuild the statue at your crafting table. You will be rewarded for placing the restored artifact in the world!

Currently in the first release, there is only one statue to restore: The Jade Wolf. The jade wolf, when rebuilt, will reward you with a Jade blowgun, which you can use to protect your precious items! (provided that you made darts)


Speaking of crafting, here are the recipes for the Jade Wolf Statue and the blowgun darts!


In the future, there will be more statues to restore! Many of them will be restricted to certain biomes, like the Desert Temple and Jungle Temple. Some will only appear in mineshafts!

If you like the mod, I do take suggestions! help me create more ideas by suggesting your own.

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Submitted by the sloth on Mon, 10/30/2017 - 22:03

How did you get the statues to have custom models?