Slime Rancher V3.0.0

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In development
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Slime Rancher In Minecraft!!! :D


V3.0.0  Added  Quantom Slime, Tangled Slime, and Mosaic Slime

I added All of the Non-Rare slimes whats left is the Largos,Gordos, Gold and Luck Slimes left. i also added a sneak peak of the WIP PinkRock Largo I added the picture up their and THAT IS NOT THE FINAL LOOK I might change it also goes too the Slimes to their not the final look or texture Im actually looking for people to help me make this mod BIG! I will talk about that shortly all Im gonna Say is I need people good a coding modeling and texturing and overal good at it. I thank you all for Downloading this mod and talk to you all in the next update. P.S a Mod review will be made by me and I'll add yours too!


V2.0.0 Added  Tarr, Phlospher Slime, Dervish Slime, Fire and Water Slime, and the Hunter slime

I added the Tarr it dosnt attack ppl yet so?? Idk how to make him attack players so i'll fix that, and the rest theirs nothing wrong besides the Plospher slime can fly and the Hunter dosnt turn invisable yet. BUT!!!

the pink slime can eat some foods not all cuase Im lazy :3 I also edited their models too.


V1.0.0 Added  Pink Slime, Rad Slime, Boom Slime, Chrystal Slime, HoneyComb Slime,and Tabby Slime, 

Plorts, the Vac Gun, and the largos  are not added YET! Im trying to figure away how it would work if you can help or have an idea please! post a comment below, Plorts I have a grand Idea but in WIP,  Vac Gun is gonna be kinda tricky, and the largos are gonna be added in a later update SOON!.

Modification files
slimerancher.jar - V1.0.0 First Set of Slimes Added274.62 KB
slimerancher.02.jar - V2.0.0 Second Set of Slimes Added327.41 KB
slimerancher_v1.0.jar - V3.0.0 Last Set of Slimes Added1.04 MB

well this is going to be interesting


nice mod, can you add lucky slime, gold slime and glitch slime and also quicksilver slime