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Step into a world that has forgotten how to Clash! Find ancient structures with secrets hidden around the world. Use these secrets to unlock ancient powers! Battle your friends with troops, competing to see who can take the most towers. (These features are not currently added. It would be great if you could let me know how to make custom mob models, as the program I am using does not work very well. Thanks!) Go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFSge5_rE5fxVAdzxX3fyA?view_as=subscr… to find the mod showcase! This mod adds feature similar to Clash Royale, hence the name. adds crowns, cards, etc. (cards not figured out yet)

Modification files

Nice mod :)
A little more detail in the description would be nice though. Maybe say what it actually adds.

Nice mod :)
To make cards work you could add a procedure to them that checks if the player has enough elixir and, if yes, summon a blue or a red troop

Right now you can't make custom animations for mobs (but you will in the next MCreator update).
But you can create custom mob models using Blockbench, which is free, advanced, works with blocks, mobs, item and more models and can also be installed on Mac :)