Published by JRGlitches on Thu, 11/30/2017 - 21:14
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Welcome to my first mod of many in the glitch pack, Generators.

With this mod, you get 30+ new biomes (and I cant count so there may be more) and 6 new dimensions.

The twisted and the reverse each holding their own boss and difficulty.

You can now see the ice and snow biomes and not be so bored with them and the desert is way more exciting.

It is relatively bug-free and is very compatible with other famous mods. Have fun :) 



This mod will no longer be supported as other, bigger, better collab projects will take its place.

Modification files
Generators.jar - Generators 1.0.0614.62 KB
Generators 2.0.jar - Generators 2.0.0753.61 KB
Generators.jar - Generators KB
Generators - Generators KB

Official Release The final update:

  • fixed most bugs 
  • added a new biome that you can find for yourself
  • fixed the achievements


Official Release The finishing touches:

  • fixed many bugs including the name bug
  • updated to a newer smoother forge 1.12.2


Official Release 2.0.0 The basis update:

  • added end and nether V2 and V3
  • added stone pit biome
  • fixed a lot of bugs
  • started preparing compatibility with next mod in the pack coming up


Official Release 1.0.0 The Christmas update:

  • added candy canes and a candy cane forest
  • added multiple atmospheric biomes to the warmer forest style biome area
  • added snow mountain biome
  • fixed many more compatibility issues
  • fixed many more other small bugs


Beta Release 0.4.7 The more complete update:

  • once again fixed transparency issues
  • once again fixed reversed killing you
  • added 11+ new biomes mostly with an icy theme
  • added planks for the new wood types
  • added palm trees and palm wood
  • added twisted and reverse ingots
  • fixed some biome generation issues causing crashes on some low end devices
  • tweaked much of the compatibility issues with multiple mods like ore spawn (yes I'm that devoted to mod making that I would check things like that)
  • added many small features
  • fixed many small bugs
  • removed unwanted files that make the mod larger in size (as in the storage on your device size)


Beta Release 0.1.2 The desert update:

  • fixed some bugs with transparency and twist stone killing you instantly when trying to mine 
  • added around 5 new desert themed biomes
  • added the cherry wood forest
  • fixed the dunes biome's floating cacti and made them spawn differently and put cactus in the other desert biomes
  • changed the way twisted and reverse biomes generate


Alpha release 0.0.1:

  • alpha release

Great mod dude! May I ask what height settings you used for the mountainous purple biome?

JrGlitches i have the same problem with my mod(s). mine says item.(block/item name).name

I would like to collab with you and ask you a few things. If you have any sort of thing we could communicate on i would like it if you could contact me. My discord is AllThePotatoAim#7137