PVP & Combat Expansion+

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This mod adds TONS of new weapons and gear, this is the right mod for you if you love to PVP! :)



Stuff Added

  • Shiny Gear

  • Emerald Gear

  • Valkyrie Gear

  • Ruby Gear

  • Amethyst Gear

  • Sapphire Gear

  • Meteorite Gear

  • Obsidian Gear

  • Ruby Sword

  • Sapphire Sword

  • Ruby Ore

  • Ruby 

  • Amethyst Ore

  • Amethyst

  • Sapphire Ore

  • Sapphire

  • /heal

  • /c

  • /s

  • Incinerator 

  • Emerald Bigsword

  • God's Blade

  • Mashed Berries

  • AK-47

  • Bullet

  • Sword of the Valkyrie

  • Demonic Blade

  • Amethyst Katana

  • Ender Sword

  • Watch

  • Jeik Sword 

  • Space Sword

  • Lich King Sword

  • Rainbow Sword

  • Necromancer's Blade

  • Aqua Sword

  • Meteor Chip

  • Galactic Sword 

  • Levin Sword

  • Spring Water

  • Polluted Water

  • Speed Block

  • Death Blade

  • Rune Mace

  • Emerald Nugget

  • Diamond Nugget

  • Ruby Nugget

  • Shiny Nugget

  • Amethyst Nugget

  • Pinky Sword

  • Blood Sword

  • Golden Longsword

  • Barricade

  • Magic Apple

  • Rainbow Apple



There are no Glitches at the moment and you shouldn't lag a lot either.


How to install for Windows

1. Download the mod

2. Go into the taskbar and type %appdata%

3. Go into the .minecraft folder.

4. Go into the mods folder.

5. Drag the mod file from the downloads folder to the mods folder.

6. Have Minecraft forge 1.11.2 installed.

7. BOOM! You are done.



PLEASE make sure to tell me any glitches or bugs you find, and also tell me how the mod is in the comments!





Modification files
PVP & Combat Expansion+.jar - This mod adds lot's of new gear and weapons expanding your PVP experience in Minecraft! 1.44 MB

If you have any ideas or bugs you want to tell me please reply :). Btw Admins if you see this the names are glitched like item.example.name please give me some feedback if you can or can't fix this or if i can try to fix this!

Congrats on getting mod of the week! You deserve it! It's wonderful!