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Adds simple roosters to Minecraft. Code editing was needed.



     - Roosters spawn in the world in most of the biomes where chickens spawn.

     - Wild Roosters can be tamed!

     - Wild Roosters are aggresive to other roosters.

     - Now you need a Chicken and a Tamed Rooster to raise chickens.

     - Roosters protect their hens from Ocelots.


None! This mod is supposed to add simple roosters to Minecraft. Updates will only occur when a bug is detected.



Modification files
Roosters-1.6.4.jar - Roosters Mod 1.6.4 - Download25.62 KB
Roosters-1.7.jar - Roosters Mod 1.7- Download25.62 KB
Roosters-1.7.3.jar - Roosters Mod 1.7.3 - Download38.22 KB
Roosters-1.7.4.jar - Roosters Mod 1.7.4 - Download38.22 KB

v 1.4.1 - Initial Official Release

v 1.5.1 - Reduced Probability to spawn Roosters when breeding.

v 1.5.2 - Reduced probability of taming for roosters. (Yeah, roosters are harder to tame now)

v 1.6.1 - Roosters will protect you now!

v 1.6.2 - Fixed bug roosters won't enter through doors

v 1.6.3 - Roosters will no longer defend you, as they had a bug where they attacked hens.

            - New EntityAIRoosterSit, based on EntityAIOcelotSit to make Roosters sit on (currently oak) fences

v 1.6.4 - Reduced size of rooster's collisionbox

v 1.7 - Reduced probability of having a rooster when breeding (yes, again)

v 1.7.3 - Added new sound effects to roosters:

- Taming sound (from parrots)

- Crowing Sound in the morning!!!

v 1.7.4 - Fixed bug roosters won't attack ocelots

This is cool. The Duck in my mod has the Chicken texture, but the wings rotate in a circle when flapping around. How did you fix that?

First, delete the ageInTicks part at the wings part in setRotationAngles. Then check the EntityChicken and RenderChicken code. Add the rotation variables and the onLivingUpdate from EntityChicken (except by the egg laying part) to your mob code.
Then, add this to your model code:
public void setLivingAnimations(EntityLivingBase entitylivingbaseIn, float limbSwing, float limbSwingAmount, float partialTickTime) {
<your entity> livingBase = (<your entity>) entitylivingbaseIn;
float f = livingBase.oFlap + (livingBase.wingRotation - livingBase.oFlap) * partialTickTime;
float f1 = livingBase.oFlapSpeed + (livingBase.destPos - livingBase.oFlapSpeed) * partialTickTime;
rightWing.rotateAngleZ = (MathHelper.sin(f) + 1.0F) * f1;
leftWing.rotateAngleZ = -((MathHelper.sin(f) + 1.0F) * f1);

How did you go about making the rooster tamable? I'm currently stumped on a mod of my own...

LOL I just realized roosters crowed, you should add a subtitle called "Rooster calls"
Can you make a similar mod with other animals?

I don't know how to update it. And, because of my old hard drive being damaged I cannot recover my .mcr workspace (yes, my original hard drive is damaged), and I don't know if you can import a mod from a .jar file.